The Inevitable GTA4 Screenshots - Part 2

DSOGaming writes: "We know what most of you will be thinking while reading the title; >. And the answer is quite simple. No, we don’t. But take a good look at the following screenshots and tell us they don’t deserve their own post. Go ahead, we dare you. If you thought that the previous screenshots were great, well… get ready to be amazed yet again. Gionight has managed to surpass anything we’ve ever seen. Seriously, GTA5 won’t look as good as this config so it’s only natural to drool all over your monitor while viewing them. They are spectacular, plain and simple."

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patrielm2552d ago

This is why EA should also have made the skate games for PC...

Richard_Hammond2552d ago

Aight, hit me up when a machine from this world can run this kinda game.

john22552d ago

According to the modder, an i7 920 at 4.0 Ghz with 6Gb ddr3 RAM, and two Evga gtx 570 SC in SLI runs it with constant 50fps.

So there is actually a PC that can run the game with this kind of graphics ;)

norman292552d ago

Yeah and how many others apart from that? maybe 1-2% of the entire PC population?

Voxelman2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

@norman29 You realise 1-2% would be 10-20 million PCs right? There are over 1 billion PCs in use as of 2004 so probably many more today.

bumnut2552d ago

I have a similar spec to that, might give it a try.

St02552d ago

Runs quite well on my machine, it's only a Nvidia 1gig 460 & get around 30fps

Not as sharp as the pics in this post but still nice. Looks awesome in motion

bumnut2552d ago

Does it work with the steam version and retail version of GTA ?

St02552d ago

You have to run GTA4 with patch 1.0.4 for all the effects to work that this mod, the newest 1.0.7 still works but looks kinda crap. It is possible to down patch the steam copy of GTA to 1.0.4, there's some info going about on GTA forums on how to do this