Starhawk's BETA will be public

Starhawk will have a beta testing, this we've known since May. The added bit of good news today is that it'll be accessible to everyone.

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BitbyDeath2374d ago

I've never wanted to be in a beta as much as this one before.
Please be kind and give it to all Plus members.

BakedGoods2374d ago

Nice. I'm totally day one'ing this beta.

vickers5002374d ago

Sweet! I remember (back then when the ps3 first came out) using one of those exploits/hacks/whateveryouwoul dcallits to get into the private beta without being invited (I think it was a store redirect or something like that).

Anyways, I had an absolute blast playing the beta and ended up buying the game (the 60 dollar version with the headset which I still have) and all the DLC for it and I also convinced someone else to buy it.

Thankfully this one will be public though so I don't have to jump through so many hoops.

starcb262374d ago

I never play warhawk because I suck :\

BitbyDeath2374d ago


You'll be happy to know that Dylan wrote this on the US Blog -

"And on the second point, the Starhawk servers track and maintain all the player’s SkillScores so that the Match Maker *and* the Server List are aware of the player’s skill relative to all the other players out there. This makes the Match Maker better and allows players who prefer the Server List, to be aware that some servers may just be too challenging."

So it should be much easier for people to get used to playing.

Unicron2374d ago

I can't wait. I really hope they knock this one out of the park.

user83971442374d ago

This will help sell more. Every game should do this. Will try this out, right now Im in Resistance 3 Beta and all I gotta say is bye bye CoD.

VonBraunschweigg2374d ago

Track a pesky sniper, sneak up close & BAM! smack down a snipertower right on top of him. Count me in:)

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