Sony: some producing poor quality 3D

The PlayStation 3 manufacturer has called on developers to add 3D only where it makes a difference to gameplay, and not for the sake of it.

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dangert122530d ago

Make sense...I haven't got a 3D Tv and the reality is I'm not missing much.I thought they would use 3D to enhance games not visually but to do stuff Impossible in a 2D surrounding.

thereapersson2530d ago

Well, at least Sony "gets" it. Now if only the movie industry would take cues from this mentality. I'm sick of "Rehashed idea number 2342343: 3D" everywhere I look.

morganfell2530d ago

Once you have a 3D you will miss it. Any game I have in 3d I no longer want to run it without it.

Some of the 3D has been quite good. Captain America did a great job with their implementation. Avatar the Game actually had 3D that is so good you will waste hours just walking and flying around looking at everything.

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Micro_Sony2530d ago

Belive it or not this year was the first time I watched 3D and Iw as really dissapointed.

Maybe because I was expecting to be emerged in the movie and not just watch some people overlapping buildings and once in a while have something come to your face.

I wonder if we will ever get to the point where we feel like we are almost in the movie scene - would love to watch a fast n furius movie and feel like I and inside of a 1969 Shelby GT350 : )

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Raven_Nomad2530d ago

Sony is pushing that crap on everything. Even their movie studio's are pumping out 3-D movies that shouldn't be in 3-D at all. Got a sub par movie or game? Slap some 3-D on it!

I was worried about that happening from the start of the current 3-D fad.

Glad it seems to be dying out.

fireplace2530d ago

Yeah their games are awesome in 3D.

Uncharted 3 resolution is 896x504. Less than anything this gen.
But that's not the only thing that's gimped. There are huge sacrifices in texture resolution and polygon count.

Uncharted 3 in 3D:

Not to mention Killzone 3 or Motorstorm Apocalypse, same story.

Christopher2529d ago

In the first paragraph: "There's around 838x358's worth of resolution per player"


So, there is actually double that resolution, but the two different players are seeing their own version of the game which are being broadcast at the same time. This is on top of having twice the physics, AI, lighting, etc. happening on each individual perspective.

Honestly, what ND is doing with Co-op 3D and maintaining the level of quality that they are... it's freaking amazing and a sign of how talented these guys are.

I don't think you're understanding the technology that is being discussed and how a 5-year old machine is able to do what it is doing due to some pretty awesome programming.

fireplace2529d ago

This line referrs to split-screen. It's actually similar in many ways.
But it's 896x504 per eye in 3D and 838x358 per player in splitscreen

All I'm saying is those statements that PS3 can do 3D without any compromises are bullshit and made up to bash 360. There's a lot of misinfromation going around.
There is no full uncompromised 720p for both eyes, as we could read some time ago.
You can't deny there is a significant downgrade in 3D/split screen mode. While in split screen you get both images at the same time, so it doesn't matter, they are not scaled, in 3D this 896x504 res is scaled to fullscreen and image quality takes it, but it's not only the resolution.

koehler832530d ago

If you want an example of what not to do, just look at Gran Turismo 5. The 3D effect is non-existent.

If you want an example of what to do, just look at Uncharted 3. Its 3D implementation is amazing.

Knushwood Butt2530d ago

The GT5 implementation is pretty pointless to be honest. You need to use cockpit view to get the best from it, and in switching to 3D mode you no longer get 1080p, so it's quite a big difference.

I've yet to see U3 in 3d yet, but Super Stardust HD, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and Tumble all have excellent 3D.

Killzone 3 is a bit shadowy at the default level though. I tone it down a notch or two.