10 Character Skills You Wish You Had

Megabits of Gaming writes: "For most of us, gaming is pure escapism - an opportunity to lose yourself for a few hours and escape all the trials and tribulations of real life. But wouldn't it be cool if you could actually transfer some of those skills earned onscreen to reality? Here are our picks of some of the greatest gaming abilities that we wish we had beyond the comfort of our living room..."

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Tortilla2554d ago

Easy... Infamous and electricity!

Ibwib2553d ago

Actually, the ability to use the jet packs in Halo: Reach would be nice.

The Meerkat2553d ago

The dog in Fable so I could lick my own nuts.

Calm Down Sunshine2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Crash Bandicoot's spin.

No more crowded buses / trains / airports / supermarkets.

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