Japanese Developers, Gamers Sound Off On PS Vita

Game creators love it, users can't wait to buy it.

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Godmars2902583d ago

Game devs, this time can you *please* on the interest you seem to show here?

Misterhbk2583d ago

THis is definitely exciting stuff to here from devs. Especially Level 5! Give us some JRPGs please!

Godmars2902583d ago

Just saying. The PS3/360 started off with sprites not being cost effective, and that was too much of the wrong foot to be starting with for me.

fluffydelusions2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Yeah this gen has been pretty disappointing as far as JRPG's go.

@below I'm referring to consoles.

longcat2583d ago


There are plenty jrpgs on handhelds. Get a PSP or a DS.

Unless the japanese start buying home consoles again, handhelds are where the JRPS will be

tiffac2582d ago

Well I don't mind JRPGs being in handhelds especially if its on the Vita. If the devs will allow me to put my game from the Vita to my PS3 without the need to buy a PS3 version then its a win-win for us gamers.

Play at home on the big TV and take your save game on the road and back. At least that's what I dream of ^^;

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Xof2583d ago

Disagree because you're missing a verb, which makes your post completely and utterly meaningless.

On the topic of the PS Vita, my thoughts are as follows:

1. Making handheld games more like console games is a bad thing, in the long run. If gamers have the choice between playing 2 versions of the game, one tiny handheld version, or a larger, better looking console version... they're going to opt for consoles. (Of course, one could argue that the 3DS future library is even worse in this regard... as I have).

2. New interface sucks. They really need to keep the XMB going. And what's the point of having 4G (or 3G or w/e) and NOT letting people use it as a phone? Everyone says cell phone gaming is a huge competitor: surely, a dedicated gaming device that can also be used as a phone would be the ultimate product at this point in time, right?

And if the tech is already there... what's the problem?

3. ...2 touch screens? I can't see that EVER working well. It's just as pointless and ultimately meaningless as Nintendo thinking giving all of its platforms 2 screens (DS, 3DS, WiiU) would somehow improve the experience. Menus... are not the cancer killing gaming!

chaos-lockheart2583d ago

1. You haven't use the interface yet!! you might be able to change the theme(Never know till it's out)

2.?? Did you know that 3G 4G has nothing do to with phones? it's a internet providing network, you can use Skype to call if you want (If the PSVita has it) but you wont need it, cause it will have chat with friends at anytime, in-game out of game like the XBL (I like the phone idea though it will be cool if it did)

3.It's only one touch screen, other is touch pad, if it worked great on the Ds, it sure will on the PSVita, especially there are 2, the bottom one is for the L2 R2 buttons, instead of adding buttons, touch pad was the best idea, so it can use for other stuff.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2583d ago

this doesnt surprise me at all, Japan loves their handhelds. Vita will be big over there for sure.

Stealth2k2583d ago

Does anyone else see a pattern?

Its like all they care about are the specs so they can just port console games.

At least thats the vibe I got

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