The worst national stereotyping in gaming []

Games Catalyst: "If gaming is guilty of one thing (it's not, it's guilty of many), then it's painting characters with the broadest brush strokes possible."

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Quagmire2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

And this is one of the reasons why this industry isnt taken seriously as a form of art.

HaterRade2335d ago

Err just because a game has sterotypes (let's not forget movies, and book aren't innocent of this either), doesn't mean it isn't taken seriously as a form of art.

Something that is art is like El Shaddai, or Children of Eden. That to me is art.

WhiteLightning2335d ago

"All British people will inevitably betray you"

Yeah because siding with the enemy who has more money means we get to buy more Tea, Crumpets and expensive monocles ¬¬


Fishy Fingers2335d ago

I'd kill for a cup of tea with crumpets, literally :)

Apollyn2335d ago

I really fancy a brew and that comment makes me want it more.! Out of tea bags at work though! But we have crumpets....

Ima pop to the shop!

mac_sparrow2335d ago

wellllll.... I do have expensive tastes in tea, crumpets and especially monocles.

Beware me, I will definitely betray you.

Micro_Sony2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Did some one say crumpets!!!!!!!!

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Chriss832335d ago

And like in Uncharted, all Serbs are evil.

yeah, right

Micro_Sony2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Now that I think about it I cant name one game that has a black person as the main character this gen - I think Cole from iNfamous has some black roots in him.

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