All I’m Really Saying’s That Capcom Don’t Care About Us

iGG says: The title says it pretty clearly. Capcom lost all respect for their fans. The very people that drive their business are no longer cared for. Capcom once released games that their biggest of fans can enjoy. I’m pretty sure all you Capcom fans remember the glorious Marvel vs Capcom 2 and MegaMan Legends. How about the times where Resident Evil actually scared us? Now, we get an incredibly weak, highly anticipated sequel, a cancellation of a much wanted game and action third person shooters with zombies in them. What did the fans do wrong to get this kind of treatment from Capcom? They pulled a huge change, similar to Dante in the new DmC that also leaves fans crying why? Let’s take a look at the steps that Capcom took to ruin their relationship with their fans.

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Dart892526d ago

You bet you're @$$ they did and im never buying another scamcom game again.

morkendo2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

All I’m Really Saying’s That Capcom Don’t Care About Us


you REALLY had to write a ARTICLE about something we ALL!!! been knowing for years!!! about CAPCOM good grief BLOCK HEAD. TRUTH is no company gives a-rat-ass about you only concern they have is HOW TO MANIPULATE MONEY FROM YOU with a product.
only CAPCOM games interest me: MARVEL V.CAPCOM 1,2,3

Tony-Red-Grave2526d ago

agreeded ive only liked capcom through DMC but even i figured out they dont give a rats fury behind about their consumers.

GrieverSoul2526d ago

The milking will go on as long as we allow them to. We must protest against this! Either with our wallets or internet protests.

I stopped buying Capcom after the milking of SFIV. Though, the Resi Evil 5 dlc scam made me curse them harder.

Today is the day for me! No more Capcom games.

chaos-lockheart2526d ago

lol, what they have to do to convince you that they care, hold your hands read a story before you go to bed, and give you free games that they make. lol.

9thWonder2526d ago

I agree all it tis to them is money the plan is to make a game and then make the same game the next year but as an expansion and all that says is hey give us ur money, they did it with SSF IV and now Ultimate MvsC3 come on thats BS what about those who spent money getttin the DLC for the MvsC3 the game still sucks with no real modes or features up next Stret Fighter X Tekken and im not buying it thats for sure

Solidus187-SCMilk2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

well capcom has clearly taken quite the plunge in this gen.

CAPCOM was one of my favorite Devs back in the day. they made amazing games on the NES, SNES, and PS1 like crazy, and even alot of great ones last gen. I would somewhat forgive them if they made a 16-bit like megaman X game for 360/ps3, but thats about all they can do to get my attention now.

Godmars2902526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I miss the days when Capcom only slightly didn't care while making okay games that were honestly fun to play.

BatRastered2526d ago

I can't believe it's not even a year between MvC3 and Ultimate MvC3.

MaideninBlack2526d ago

Wall of text, but yea. I've known Crapcom doesn't care about it's fans since DmC was announced.

HardCover2526d ago

Wall of text?

It's an article man, what the hell did you expect?

MaideninBlack2526d ago

I expect some spacing between paragraphs. :P

HardCover2525d ago

I don't know about you, but the images spaced them out well enough for me

Unless of course you're one of those people that doesn't actually read the articles :/

dangert122526d ago

your damn right in saying so. truth is no company cares about us.they only want your money.but some no if you treat them nice ppl will come back. some dont even care about that

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The story is too old to be commented.