Star Wars The Old Republic: EA ripping gamers off with Collector’s Edition

Product-Reviews writes: We often say that Collector’s Editions only apply to the real die-hard fans of a particular game / franchise, but this is one instance where this couldn’t be more true, as the average gamer is definitely not going to pay over $150 for this, let alone the rumored $220. Are EA slightly mad in pricing this way over what gamers expect for this special edition?

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tr00p3r2407d ago

I wouldn't pay over $100 for it...what is happening to the gaming industry with all these greedy companies around. Such a shame.

ATiElite2407d ago

it's OK for companies to OFFER this crap but it doesn't mean you gotta BUY it.

in 2 years time most video game collector crap is front and center on the Yard sale table or in the trash!

Blacktric2406d ago

He might not have to buy it but that doesn't mean they can charge 150 euros to make it look more "special". Look at Arkham City Collector's Edition. Comes with everything you see in here. An awesome Batman statue, Collector's Edition box, soundtrack, artbook, etc. and it's 99 dollars. Why should I pay 150 euros for this crap? To show off my friends? Come on...

The Matrix2407d ago

EA ripping off people?!

banjadude2406d ago

What's worse is, when game publishers try to pass off the premium price by padding it with digital in-game items. Those things should be pre-order bonuses at most!

starmin762406d ago

seriously, what the **** EA

Shackdaddy8362406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

It's not like they are making you buy the collectors edition. If you don't want to pay that much just get the regular edition (like me).

I say it's more a horrible business move rather than something to rip people off.