David Jaffe Lashes Out over Battlefield 3 Hype

Gaming Irresponsibly covers the long rant from David Jaffe regarding battlefield 3

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agentxk2222d ago

Jaffe is a smart guy. He always keeps himself in the news.

LOGICWINS2222d ago

When Jaffe rants, hes a "smart guy"..but when CliffyB rants, hes a douche.

Can someone help me understand this vast hypocrisy?

slate912222d ago

I was just about to post this.

Switch out Jaffe's name and Cliff's name and you would have seen the first post say "Just shut up already."

BeaArthur2222d ago

Have to agree, these two are one in the same yet they are held in very different regards.

agentxk2222d ago

CliffyB is incredibly intelligent as well. Both of these guys play the gaming media efficiently. Jaffe plays it off as more passive and CliffyB is a bit more agrresive. Two sides of the same coin

EVILDEAD3602222d ago

Ding Ding Ding for Logic Wins..+ Bubz..

Jaffe definately get's a pass that NO 360 developer or exec would..especially Cliffy B

On topic..

King Jaffe is FIRED up and he is definately going to ruffle some feathers going at Battlefield..taboo subject for the masses trying to overhype the game in order to have it defy MW3..

Either way..NO ONE is talking about Twisted if King Jaffe returns to the old days prior to his self hibernation..maybe TW can get some well deserved free press..


JasonPC360PS3Wii2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

In other words Jeffe is a "smart guy" because he works on the PS3. CliffyB is a douche because he works on 360. Does that just about sum it up?

telekineticmantis2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Cliff Blezinski feeds on the tears of Fanboys...Ummm I wonder why people call him a douche????(shrugs)

P.S. there's much more where that comes from. Next time you want to comment on hypocrisy of PS3 fans think before you comment, because you're almost always wrong and almost always look like a hypocrite yourself.

For instance Xbox fanboys" PS# gamers just love teh graphics"(skip forward to future" Battlefild 3 shows 2 seconds of the game " OHhh my GOd Did you see that" when all we could see was the game's graphics.

Also I remember earlier gears fans celebrating aout gears graphics looking superioir to uncharted.

gamingdroid2222d ago

lol... it's called n4g hypocrisy.

nightmarex1212222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I think it b/c the way he talk it come across more genuine but he does speak his mind a lot,

Greywulf2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )


Sure, It has nothing to do with PS3 vs 360.

Jaffe doesn't throw competition under the bus. He doesn't make comments about the 360's hardware/peripherals in any disparaging way -- constantly.

Jaffe speaks his opinion about gaming, and backs it up. Then clears up the Fanboysite twists. Not just a quick jab at "I like Kinect better than Move." Jaffe doesn't fan the flames of fanboyism by joining their ranks calling PS3 owners "BUTTHURT." it goes on forever.

Jaffe doesn't impregnate himself in news by making comments that he knows full well are going to be distorted. Jaffe blogs constantly, and does videos, and is rarely seen on N4G, only when some people want to get hits on n4g.

CLiffy however had damn near 3 months where all we had on the site was Cliffy Tweets/News about his opinion on something. Thats why people Go "Christ STFU." because he is under the impression hes a comedian/celebrity? Imo.

Professionally speaking, Sony's studios/people have a more respectable approach versus the Turn10's and Epic's of the world. But thats just apples to oranges. Find me Kojima/Kaz/Evan/The little guy from Media Molecule/the Infamous guys, acting any sort of way that could be labeled douchy.

mandf2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

There both douchebags. One lives off the rep of a past game (which happens to be my favorite story in a game) the other for a game with one of the most broken online multiplayer game I have ever played.

edit they both don't know how to keep their mouths shut. It always has to be something controversial said when they interview. It helps to keep them relevant in their minds. I like a developer who lets his game do the talking for them. It's called class.

Ser2222d ago

I don't know about you, but I think Jaffe and Bleszinski have totally different personalities.

One is a jerk, and the other just complains a lot. Care to tell them apart?

Heartnet2222d ago

Jaffe has some intellegence backing up his rants :L

Cliffy B just says hiliariously stupid/trolling things to get a reaction and stay in the news

nopunctuation2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

David doesnt always get a free pass. There have been articles where he says something idiotic like "Sarah Palin is nothing but a milf" and gets bashed. This is a more logical rant with no swearing or pig headed statements, which is something Cliffy B uses a lot more ("Heavy rain is for girls" MGS4 is passive entertainment Naughty Dog is going down.). Cliff pretty much makes a living off of being a douche while David only goes off every now and then and yes he IS called out for it.

Why o why2222d ago

'The funny thing is that most 360 fanboys r on there consoles playing there games while PS3 fanboys troll N4G. '


on topic
Devs, whoever they are or their allegiance should show a professional level of decorum to their kin. If you can say anything nice, say nothing at all. The hypocrites are those that

a) back jaffe but not turn ten

b) back turn 10 but not jaffe

c) keep quiet about their preferred devs antics but are quick to sh!t on the other sides devs who do the same.

d) understand that devs play the media using many techniques from downplay to overhyping to achieve a set goal YET go on ignorant to that fact when it suits their argument.

Biggest2222d ago

Can you help me understand why you feel that agentxk is the voice of N4G all of a sudden? There was ONE comment that doesn't make sense, and all the 360 fanboys go into full victim mode. How about we discuss the actual comments instead of crying about people disliking your boyfriend?

sdtarm2222d ago

i dont see how jaffe 'lashes out'

he was putting his point of view after apparently some ppl was distorting it, jaffe doesnt lash out on its console counterparts devs, he is probably exposing the truth, that BF3's great visuals =/= good game

Cliff instead just goes around sayin that is gay to play with something that looks like an ice cream, that he has a problem with move but not kinect, that he has a problem with the DS3 but not the 360 gamepad etc etc, with no supporting reasons whatsoever see the difference?

Raven_Nomad2222d ago

Ya I'll help you out. It's the "Do's and Dont's of N4G. I wrote a blog about it not too long ago.

MaxXAttaxX2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

That's the difference between the two.

Nice job turning this into another PS3 vs 360 argument, idiots.
You guys don't even read.

Solidus187-SCMilk2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

do you really need help understanding that. Cliffy B makes an exclusive game on xbox, and Jaffe creates an exclusive on PS3, and this is N4g where Ps3 fanboys congregate and circle jerk each other.

neither of these guys actually have to say anything at all. Most people on this site hate Cliffy, and love jaffe just because of what console they work on.

MrBeatdown2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Gotta love N4G. Jaffe makes a good, well thought out point, and rather than discuss it, all people here do is ramble on about comparisons to CliffyB.

Why don't all you guys making comparisons put some effort in and prove the two are no different, rather than derailing the comments with nothing but the same unsubstantiated claims based on nothing but generalizations about the community's console preferences?

You're on N4G. Go dig up some articles about each of them, and compare what they are saying. Write a blog post, and shut up all the supposed PS3 fanboys defending Jaffe's ridiculous, douchey rants and soiling young Clifford's good name. And make sure to thoroughly analyze the comments to ensure the claims that all the PS3 guys are calling CliffyB, and not Jaffe, a douche are as accurate as they say they are.

Oh, and I thought I'd point out the irony of a guy named LOGICWINS jumping into a completely off-topic argument involving Cliff and hypocrisy, when judging by the comments of the guy who called Jaffe smart, doesn't appear to make any fanboy comments at all. In fact, I even saw one comment where he actually praised Epic. But, hey, I guess that's N4G for you. Why discuss what the man actually says, when you can use any random comment you disagree with (preferably one near the top, just to maximize your fanboy flamebait's effectiveness) to launch into a rant based on nothing but generalizations of a community of thousands?

BlackTar1872222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Someone said it above me. Its the 360 victim mode again which is waht is has been all over this site the last 1 month or more.

But ps3 fanboys come on guys look how many of you guys are playing victim up above its sad.

Raven that is the saddest blog i have ever read. LOL pot calling the kettle black.. Maybe ill make a blog on what the real deep meaning is behind the 360 fans crying victim so much lately.

Just game people both are douche but this but but but cliffy b comparison ps3 fanboy site yayda yada yada has to stop.

I used to be a regular back when 360 was released funny how on almost every level and every argument how much the starting position has changed.

evrfighter2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Well the logic here is that logic wins.

I know cliffy lurks on n4g and im sure it would sit well to know that even on n4g there are still voices of reason.

x5exotic2222d ago

Jaffe Made God of war. Jaffe is Awesome. there...
now stop talking about hypocrisy

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2222d ago

at least jaffe doesnt look like a 25 year old guido from jersey shore.

Gray-Fox-Type02222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

logic has owned the ps3 trolls that embrasses real PS3 fans.

Rattlehead202222d ago

"at least jaffe doesnt look like a 25 year old guido from jersey shore."

No instead he looks like a fat layabout who takes stupid pictures of himself with a surname thats so close to being 'Jaffa'

Boody-Bandit2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I don't see thing one wrong with what Jaffe said. I would bet my house it was taken out on context and spun for hits. That is what usually happens with most of these guys in the industry that say things that are picked up by tabloid journalist looking for hits.

Off topic:
This is an honest question because I sincerely don't know.

Is Cliffy B. a game designer or just a PR guy for Epic? What does he actually do for them? I asked a couple of friends of mine this question and none of them knew and a few of them have met him. All I know him for is some guy that said hey man let's put a chainsaw on a gun and the rest was history.

1 thing I will say as far as comparing the two (Cliff and David). I know several people that met both and from what they tell me Jaffe is a hundred times more approachable / friendly. He is willing to talk to anyone about nearly anything.

Cliff, from what I have gathered, has a bit of an ego, walks around with his chest up, nose up, smug and arrogant like he owns the world. Little Napoleon is the nick name his has been coined

Oh and BTW, before the fanboys and trolls (victims syndrome set in) go into a fit of rage? I'm a 360 gamer, first and foremost. Check my profile, I am on right now getting ready to lay down some led in BFBC2. I am just being brutally honest.

SpinalRemains1382222d ago

Well let's disect this dichotomy.
Jaffe is intelligent. (check)
CliffyB is a douche (check)

I summed it up for you.

khan_saab2222d ago

the reason why that is because when jaffe rants he has logic \nd evidence backing up what he says and when cliffyB does it, he does it as a douche.

Jaffe is all about the gamers and he takes the time to actually listen to them while cliffyB is all about the "business" and does not care so much for the gamers.

RememberThe3572222d ago

Hahaha none of you actually read what he said. Read it and tell me he's not right? lol Now that I think about it BF3 hasn't shown us anything too exciting in the gameplay department. It's just a really pretty game.

I guess if you don't like to think critically you'll probably want to keep complaining and not read his post. But to anyone just reading the comments here, and wants to know what all the fuss is about (no it has nothing to do with Cliffy B or the 360vPS3 argument you read here) read the post.

kreate2222d ago


there is equal amount of ps3/xbox fanboys on this site.
up to 2008 literally n4g was a bash-a-ton against the ps3. literally most articles were talking shit about the ps3 in the 06-08 era.

turn 2011 im not sure where all those xbox fanboys went. maybe they got nothing else to talk about anymore idk.

plus.. ps3 has more games to play than the xbox so im not sure where u get the idea that xbox fanboys play games while ps3 fanboys troll.

cuz at the end of the day. trolls are everywhere. and xbox/ps3 fanboys are also everywhere.

gamingdroid2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Let me get this straight:

"But see, this is what I meant the other day: the issue for you and others like you may very well be a) you are doing too many things at the same time to actually read what I write beyond the headlines or b) your reading comprehension skills are not where they should be."

Jaffe not only has an opinion, he insults people, but that's ok.... CliffyB says his opinion, so he is douche especially since you disagree!


Ever heard the saying "Opinions Are Like @ssholes. Everyone Has One and They All Stink".

Go play your games, you will be much happier!