Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Leaked, Capcom Probably Unhappy

GameBlurb, "Hot off the heels of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, the company decides to release an expansion pack. Wait wait wait. Don’t leave. Let me explain a few things first."

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qface642377d ago

meh seeing this after the legends 3 cancellation just feels like a giant middle finger to my face

n4f2377d ago

i dont think i only see middle finger in my face

chidori6662377d ago

just facepalm in this fox character... W.T.F.

Crapcom has absolutely no shame anymore.

Gordo7892377d ago

c'mon, everybody loves rocket racoon!!!.....?

RockmanII72377d ago

lol don't you know the difference between a fox and a raccoon? Don't diss the character if you don't even know who it is.

Lord_Sloth2376d ago

Feel free to diss the character. I know who he is and I still hate him.

Bay2377d ago

Virgil, Strider and Frank West? Dammit, Capcom. I might just HAVE to buy this now...even though I wish this was just a cheap DLC instead.

Crystallis2377d ago

Virgil and Strider the only nice add-ons to that list. They are are putting a racoon in the game..A Freaking Racoon..really ? I really want to buy this one bc of virgil but I'm really starting to hate capcom right now.

Lord_Sloth2376d ago

I'm gonna have to disagree. Aside from Firebrand I'll be playing every1 of Capcom's additions. As for the Marvel side I'll be playing Ghost Rider...MAYBE Doctor Strange, but the other characters I couldn't care less about.

rezzah2377d ago

Im just going to watch people use Virgil on Youtube, thats enough for me.

TenSteps2377d ago

Seriously though they should take a page out of Ed Boon and troll the crap out of people that secrets would actually be quite up in the air.

DankJemo2377d ago

Nemesis may be fun to play as and his dialogue will be easy to memorize. "Staaaaars..."

T3MPL3TON 2377d ago

Oh.. yay another money pit... no thank you.

Kiroe2377d ago

Agreed, seriously....they couldn't add theses as DLC? That's what I thought the whole point of MvC3 was to allow for an expanding platform.
It feels like Capcom of the 90's all over again.

Gordo7892377d ago

yeah, they're just going to drive the genre into the ground with 3 iterations of every title, even with reduced pricing on subsequent versions.

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The story is too old to be commented.