Sonic Generations: Chemical Plant Zone Full Detail Revealed

Ever since the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu unveiled the look of the Chemical Plant Zone that will be featured in Sonic Generations, everyone has been hoping for clear shots straight from the source, something we’ve taken for granted in this Internet world of ours. Well, on Sega’s Flickr stream, we’ve finally got them. And yes. It look so very, very nice.

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achmetha2281d ago

after playing the demo, i am really looking forward to this. glad to see a return of the chemical plant..i remember those last couple platforms making me fall in the water right before robotnik causing me to rage quit as a child

headwing452281d ago

I really hope this isn't a remake of sonic 1 & 2, otherwise I will be mad

ChemicalWorld2281d ago

Stardust Speedway Zone from Sonic CD at the end of Chemical Plant for the boss fight, sweeeeeeeeeeet. :D

Sonic Generations just keeps on getting better and better. If Lava Reef and Icecap Zone make it into the game I'll weep tears of joy.

achmetha2280d ago

if lava reef shows up..i will be the happiest person alive.