Fan-created weapon smashes zombies in Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

Frank West is back in the game with Dead Rising 2 Off The Record. This time around he’s received a little help from the Capcom Community via the Tape It Or Die website. In a contest that asked participants to dream up their own combo weapons, the highest rated weapon has been re-created for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record and makes its official debut at San Diego Comic Con.

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iagainsti1202530d ago

That was a really cool weapon he made. I really liked it when he slammed it into the ground reminded me of playing Infamous kinda.

MasterD9192530d ago

I think all of the items should be able to fuse with any other item regardless of how ridiculous...I really hope they do that in DR3.

An apple and with a bunch of nails sticking out of it could be a hell of a projectile.