Will the PS Vita Bring Back Portable Gaming?

These days, when people need entertainment on the go, most use their smartphone or iPod Touch. You rarely see anybody sitting on a bus stop bench playing a Nintendo 3DS or PSP. However, the PS Vita is earning some high praise months before its release. But, can it change the way we look at portable gaming?

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JoGam2469d ago

Will it bring back portable gaming? I didn't know portable gaming left. With the Ipod, Ipad, PSP, 3DS, DSI, and sales up in places like Japan, I dont think portable gaming went anywhere.

xtheownerzx2469d ago

I have to say that i agree with your statement. All of which JoGam has stated above is true. I mean I still love to play on my psp and 3DS and the games are fun.

The praise that the vita gets is based on the potential its technology can usher in.

longcat2468d ago

over 200 million portable consoles sold in the last gen.

Slow news day i guess

gustave1542468d ago

Actually its already 150m for the DS and 70m for the PSP. And they are still selling. Portable gaming won't just die that easily....

iamnsuperman2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

IMO i think portable gaming has changed from dedicated gaming machines to more of a multi media device. The NGP looks cool and certain has the specs but the fact is do i really want one/replace a device in my pocket. The answer is no. My phone does a lot. It may not have big games but the games are good and certain pass the time for short journeys. I can see portable gaming being great for going on holiday but i cant afford to go often enough to warrent a purchase

Optical_Matrix2469d ago

I didn't even know it had left

kube002468d ago

I think it will enhance portable gaming

beast242tru2466d ago

i strongly think it will. i didnt play handhelds because of the one or no analog and the ugly graphics with exeption of some games i.e peace walker but vita got everything rite and some so im on board for one