Final Fantasy XIV Takes a Sexy Turn With Skimpy Bikinis

Final Fantasy XIV is well known for the conservative style of it's equipment. This will soon change as the upcoming summer events will introduce a quite revealing set of bikinis.

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Saeveth2586d ago

I really hope they have more colors.

ATiElite2586d ago

how are those "skimpy"? that's pretty normal now a days.

you want Skimpy......go to Brazil....No tops and Clear Dental floss for a bottom!

Yeeeeeh baby yeh!

Abriael2586d ago

low cut bottoms, very small cross-shaped tops, that's pretty skimpy to me.

It's definitely a LOT more skimpy than the usual Final Fantasy fare.

Which is a good thing, mind you :D

JAMurida2586d ago

I wonder if they will ever do that event back in XI where you had to do dance 1/2/3/4 with that one girl to fight against that skeleton guy. That was pretty funny to sit back and watch, (especially when it froze up my 360 due to so many people in one area, lol).

Kurisu2586d ago

Because this will help with getting the game in form ready to release on PS3 :(

Abriael2586d ago

I would say that putting in some 'kinis won't slow it down either.

The staff is made of different teams, and I don't see anything wrong in the team working on equipment to design some fun items, that won't hurt for sure.

Kurisu2586d ago

True. I guess I'm just a bit bitter as I was really looking forward to playing the game when it was due for launch the same time as PC! But I'm happy to wait for a better product :)

dragonopt12586d ago

I played FFXI for a long time, was really hyped for this game and I even built my computer for it before it was released (which isn't a bad thing cause I needed a upgrade), I thought I'd like it that much. What a let down lol, they should have just updated the graphics on FFXI and focused on other games like Verses imo. It's good they are trying to turn it around but I have a hard time believing they will win back a lot of the people that left already.

Abriael2586d ago

can't have a post on a Final Fantasy game that there's someone that pulls out the usual "they should do versus instead!" mantra, which is entirely funny considering that we know very little about versus, and at this stage with the little we know, Versus might become absolutely great or absolutely crappy, there's no way to tell.

in any case, versus is being developed by a completely different team. Square Enix doesn't have 10 employees that they need to juggle between 10 games.
The reason why it's taking a long time isn't that SE is focusing on other games, it's simply that that time is needed to create a big game that implements new technologies.

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