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allyc4t2531d ago

I'm super excited for BF3, but this footage isn't that great.

I'm not too sure, but the BF series really hasn't had any indoor maps, so this is kind of new. I sure hope they stick to the outdoor, large scale maps that made BF2 sooooo good.

Pandamobile2531d ago

The map is called Metro, and there's only a section of it that's indoors/underground.

EVILDEAD3602531d ago

All I can say is OUCH..looks like Dice went from Super Human quality to human..not saying it looks bad..but if you swapped the name with wouldve taken some HUGE hits from it's haters..


Inside_out2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

No wonder EA_dice are running around trying to hide it in 1080p...WHY, it looks bad enough at 720p. :/

Seriously, is this the next gen engine in the current gen or is this the " it's the same as everybody else's game ".

Lock at those doubt Dx11. :o

I really REALLY hope that's the amazing PC footage. It's not bad but far from what was promised. The hindenburg comes to mind...Ohhh the humanity.

Pandamobile2531d ago

It's a closed alpha with the purpose of testing server loads.

Supposedly, you can't change the graphic settings.


You lot are obviously mucho retardo, happen to notice the "ALPHA" part of that title?

CLEARLY older code than what was shown at E3....

deadpoole2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

PPL relax ... this is a client version game ... much like remote desktop connection game.

Game is not physically present on any of the computers who are participating in the game ... they are accessin it through internet ... much like streamin video.

You can say its kindof of line onlive service.

And next thing ... either you guys are trollin or serious lack common sense ... this is a huge scale maps games ... not like corridor shooting and second this is ALPHA ... what part of it you dont get it.

Anyone who is gonna judge graphics of this game based on ALPHA code ... are bunch of retards.

Wanna proof this game is being streamed to clients ...

check this footage out and artefacts coming up, much like when video streamin is having problems.

peowpeow2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Some really ignorant people in here.. (Inside_out)

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Flavor2531d ago

Yeah allycat I'm getting the same vibe. last thing I need is another corridor twitch shooter.

I wanna like this game but this vid makes it look like a call of duty mod for bad company 2.. they even use the same voice actors if you listen closely.

need some 'outdoor map' footage real bad...

allyc4t2531d ago

Real bad indeed.

Have we seen any vehicle footage other than the tank stuff DICE showed off at E3? I'd LOVE to see what the helicopters and jets look like.

irepbtown2530d ago

How about being patient?

Since release date is end of October, I guess they will wait till release day gets close to reveal more info.

Remember Gran Turismo 5?
Everything was silent until a day or so before release day.

And finally, there WILL be huge maps. If you actually done some research you would know. I pre-ordered BF3 and I should be getting 'Back to Karkand' expansion. Karkand is a rather big map. Just some footage of Karkand from BF2, and Pre alpha BF3.

egidem2531d ago

The Sound design is incredible.

stu8882530d ago

thats what I noticed! the sound is some of the best ive heard!

xtremeimport2530d ago

defiantly not your typical Battlefield map. my fear that while this might be part of the map...most of the battles will take place down here. If there are enough battlefield vets, im sure that wont be a problem...but the noobies to the series who have spent there time playing COD will flock to this area, disagree if you want but you know it will happen.

also, gotta love campers eh.

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Rearden2531d ago

This is bound to be taken down very soon.

gamingdroid2531d ago

Who knows, it might have been leaked by EA.

divideby02531d ago

nothing to be blown away about.. even for alpha

red2tango2531d ago

why has the quality dropped so drastically? i don't get it...

red2tango2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

someone disagreed with a question? seriously I would like to know if I'm getting these graphics. how can you disagree with a question? that's logically impossible. N4G is a fanboy haven.

BlackKnight2531d ago

Considering it is alpha and it appears all the have to control graphics is a single preset that doesn't work a lot of the time, that is why.

From what I hear, this alpha is about testing servers mostly, not so much for the users to talk about graphics bugs and so on, they don't need testers for that.

red2tango2531d ago

Thanks for the intelligent reply. It's rare here.

Raendom2531d ago

Red2tango, google tampon and find yourself a nice deal for a pack of hundred because clearly it's your time of the month.

stu8882530d ago

^ mate ur not funny, ur a dick. red2tango: you are right man. They should IMO get rid of the disagree button on this site because most of its users are complete dicks!

RegorL2531d ago

I think the game engine will drop to whatever your hw can handle.

See the attached video, run on an Athlon X4 @2.9GHz, HD 5850

I think it is much better, but video card is not top of the line

damnyouretall2530d ago

dont even know the setup this was running on. i dont have to be blown away by visuals. cause once you get used to the eye candy, then the gameplay becomes more important. thats what keeps me coming back. looks solid i guess

Miiikeyyy2531d ago

The sound effects are beautiful!

BeaArthur2531d ago

I was noticing that as well. BC2 is probably one of the best sounding games I have ever heard and this sounded even better.

Miiikeyyy2531d ago

I agree, when you hear weapons firing next to you in BC2 they sound like beasts. I played COD recently and the guns sound like crackles

MWong2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

That's all I can agree with also, it reminded me more of a Call of Duty game than Battlefield.

PRHB HYBRiiD2531d ago

since when call of duty had good sounds?? u need a new set of ears

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