Capcom Officially Worse Than Activision?

Because of the previous mentioned games, Activision canned Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk. However, Activision stays put on milking content and yearly releases of Call of Duty. Most of the public has become accustomed to this, and as competitors release better titles and not rehashes of the same game with different maps, most likely COD will eventually be phased out too. Now the public is starting to wake up to a new milking project from Capcom.

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Dart892554d ago

They're both on the same level and from now on i will not support these developers or any other developer who starts this crummy trend.

dangert122554d ago

Last capcom game i brought 'street fighter 4' last activision game i brought mortal combat armmagedon.

I refuse to support such developers and its not like i'm missing anything special.

I must admit i wanted to get lost planet 2 then i heard what was going down with the dlc

CoryHG2554d ago

You can't type. Also Midway was MK Arm.

dangert122554d ago

yes i can type you sap. even if you don't understand does not many this is not typing it i'm doing the same thing you are. =/ don't judge me

D0ffy2554d ago


I understood your first post, even though there were misspellings, but that last post didn't really make any sense whatsoever.

chidori6662554d ago

I called this a long time ago but fanboys not listen..

jacksheen00002554d ago

I think Capcom is worst than Activision in my opinion simple because Capcom have been milking us all for years.Activision on the other hand hadn't milked us all a long as Capcom did; although Activision has been putting out too much over-priced content and doing shady business practices.

Tito082554d ago

But Activision exaggerated with the Guitar Hero games, I don't care, I'm getting King Of Fighters 13 instead!!!!

kornbeaner2553d ago

Capcom's milking practices came after Sf4 was a success. Activision has been doing it for years. Since Call of Duty 2 there has been 1 call of duty game released every year. after GH2 they started making one GH game every year and then moved on to making one every 6 months (and none of which were backwards compatible with the last one, the way Rock Band did their games.) over all consoles including the Nintendo DS, same thing with Tony hawk games, After 3 they made a new hawk game every year. Activision if the poster child for raping their consumers they started way back in the PS2 days. I'm not saying Capcom at this point is any better than activision, but to say that activision hasn't done it as long is insane. Either you just play CoD games and thats all you know or you don't know about the milking history of Activision which has now been going on close to 10 years over several titles.

jacksheen00002553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

My bad, I just wish edit time runs longer because once edit times run out you end up stuck with what you written on your post.

Anyhow, you're right...well what i meant to say is that Activision did start off milking BS and then Capcom follow them in their foot steps later on the line. But bugs me the most, it just seems apparent to me that Capcom is doing the most milking compared to Activision. I mean every time a fighting games comes out Capcom releases more playable characters a few months later(DLC).On other note, Every gamer believes that the milking stated with SF4 but I think it started long before that; just not as aggressively like we gamers are experiencing today. Beside, isn't that how most scams normally starts off? They takes small steps where ones wouldn't notices it,and then when they gets comfortable ripping people off,they take off like a raging bull.At this point, I hate both company for what they are doing to us all because in the end their going to end up begging us for forgiveness. That's if it isn't too late for them.

kornbeaner2552d ago


yeah most milking begins the way it has with Capcom, The Tony hawk games is what did it for Activision and it just continued from there. But to tell the truth, Capcom releasing a new iteration of their fighting games doesn't really bug me, because honestly as these games evolve new characters and balances are needed to keep the game fresh, but they totality screwed the pooch with AE as far as balances go. The thing that gets me with Capcom is charging for Costumes. WTF! is up with that? Back in the day if you wanted extra costumes for your character/s you just had to play the game for a very long time, passing the game on hard, very hard, using no continues stuff like that, but now these lazy ass gamers are like "It's only $5 for 5 costumes, I'll buy it" really!? And Activision bugs me because they sell billions of dollars worth of CoD and still have the balls to charge their consumers for Map Packs. But in the end it really is our fault as a community, we enable these companies to charge us for DLC and if we pay, who in their right mind wouldn't charge to keep their business super profitable?

And as far as editing you comments, this is just me but I find it in bad etiquette to do so. Just keep the conversation going, Granted sometimes bubbles are limited and that sucks when it happens but just keep the conversation going. Because if you go back and edit your comment, depending on what you edit, replies tend to make less sense and therefore makes it harder to keep a proper conversation going. I've seen it happen throughout this site. Don't be scared about disagrees and fanboy replies because they will happen regardless.

Happy gaming.

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