Fable artist: It's "difficult to be unique" with Unreal Engine

Fable: The Journey's lead artist Tak Saito has praised Epic's Unreal Engine, but admitted that it's "difficult to be unique" using such well-established technology.

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MasterD9192557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

"Unreal is really powerful, though there are some things you can't do."

Well...time for an upgrade.

BakedGoods2557d ago

You can usually always tell when a game's using the Unreal engine. They look great, no doubt, but the similarities are there.

The Matrix2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Yeah they all look like plastic-y muscle people. Lol not really.

RedDead2557d ago

There are alot of similarities, but there is also alot of different ones, it depends on the dev really

mandf2557d ago

Depth perception in the unreal engine is horrible. Something is far away then it takes 3 seconds to be there. There are so many better engines out there. Unreal engine just happens to be the easiest and cheapest engine around.

jdfoster002557d ago If you read this full article about the NEW Fable game you're going to be MAD! Kinect I hate you!

kaveti66162557d ago

Can UE3 pull off HDR on consoles?

I think I would attribute the similarities in many UE3 games to the lighting solution.

Assuming the developer uses different texture assets, the game would still look like an obvious UE3 game based on the baked lighting. When DICE used a different lighting solution for Mirror's Edge, I couldn't tell that the game runs on the Unreal Engine 3.

But maybe there's a little hindsight bias to all of this.

If the person looking at a game that runs on Unreal Engine 3 is told that it runs on Unreal Engine 3, they might think, "Oh yeah, it's obvious that this runs on Unreal Engine 3."

If developers stop revealing to the gaming public what engine their games run on, I doubt people will be able to tell.

Stealth2k2557d ago

hes talkign about art style.

you cant make something even remotely interesting