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The top 10 releases that we have left this year that you will surely buy.

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ATiElite2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

10 Forza 4
9. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
8. Deaus Ex Human Revolution
7. Uncharted 3
6. FIFA 12
5. Rage
4. Batman Arkham City
3. Dead island
2. Battlefield 3
1. Skyrim

Dead Island has got to go and in it's place you could easily put Gears3, Resistance 3, Dark Souls, Metal Gear Solid Rising and maybe even remove Forza 4 for one of these as well.

other than that pretty good console list!
(Disclaimer....CODMW3 is not on the list can you believe it)

MintBerryCrunch2407d ago

i was about to say "just 10?", there are so many games releasing and the list is very diverse, there is something for everyone this coming holiday season

Urrakia342407d ago

Why the hell did he place FIFA 12 in there? Doesn't deserve the spot. Dead Island hasn't really garnered much attention yet so I disagree with that choice.

Dark Souls DEFINITELY deserves to be there considering how good it's looking. I also think Gears 3 should be somewhere in there.

Fasteddy2408d ago

Shit, speaking of PC, I totally left out Star Wars: Old Republic and Guild Wars 2... also Tera Online would have been nice to add, but I doubt it will be released this year.

Wintersun6162407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

FIFA higher than Uncharted, Forza and Zelda? And no Gears at all? Yeah, right. And Dead Island hasn't even caught my attention that much either..

Chewy332407d ago

No Gears? That game is probably one of the most refined exclusives coming out this year.

Hufandpuf2407d ago

I only play PC shooting or RTS games, I could never get into MMO's or RPGs on PC (Which is a main focus on PCs that consoles can't replicate). My list would consist of

ATiElite2407d ago

well my friend times are a changing. I myself am not a big MMO fan but the new breed of PC MMO's is like playing a really really good Online MP game but with a story and a purpose.

there are several fast paced action packed real time combat MMO's coming out like Firefall, The Secret World, Planetside 2 and TERA!

check'em out!

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