Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 announced at Comic Con with new details

New details and an official announcement arrive for the 'Ultimate' Marvel vs Capcom 3 straight from San Diego.

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GetoverHere1222502d ago

What is with fighting games and releasing another one right away with "Ultimate" in front. Seems like a 90's thing.

JakePayne2502d ago

Thats exactly why I didn't buy it when it came out

CommonCent2502d ago

Well Crapcom does it again. Oh I missed the way you did business in the early 00's

ivanjp18822502d ago

Capcom Fool us once, SHAME ON THEM. Capcom Fool us twice, SHAME ON ALL OF US. (exept me, i learn my lesson wit SFIV)

CAPCOM FOOL US 3 TIMES.....Then we are just plane fu** retarted (RE5 GOLD ED)