Customize Your Kill Animations in Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer

GameRevolution: Do that one kill, you know... the one with the stabbing....

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Sev2498d ago

Seriously? That's so cool.

dbjj120882498d ago

I wonder how deep it'll go. Will it just be pre-set animations or will you be able to customize more explicitly?

TenSteps2498d ago

I'd expect pre-set animations but hey I don't work for Ubisoft

Raven_Nomad2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Considering they shovel out one of these titles every year, it's probably a list of pre set animations that you get to choose from.

I guess Ubisoft is taking to the way EA does things. Soon they will just start slapping the year on the box. Assassins Creed 11, 12, 13 ect....

See I like to point out how hypocritical everyone here is. It's perfectly fine for Ubisoft to crank out a new Assassins Creed game every year but not Activision with COD?

Ubi isn't changing the engine, why don't we flip out like we do with COD?

As for the EA thing, are you serious? EA cranks out the most garbage each and every year. Same sports games, same everything. Slap an 11 or 12 on it and then take down the online servers for the previous years game, so it forces people to buy the current one.....

I love the hypocrisy

NanoSoldier2498d ago

Brotherhood is amazing in every aspect. Can't wait for the next AC and then again the next.

Lord_Sloth2498d ago

Not until CoD starts slapping the quarters on theirs.

Ser2498d ago

I think you have EA confused with Activision.

On topic: Custom kill animations? Yeah, that sounds cool and all, but please fix that horrible matchmaking first.

TenSteps2498d ago

Didn't they already fixed it with Animus 2.0 I could always find a lag free match.

PirateThom2498d ago

Assassin's Creed has been consistantly improving. Even ignoring multiplayer in Brotherhood, there was a huge improvement to the main game.

If Ubisoft can produce quality titles with decent improvements, fair enough.

It's when quality becomes an issue, like with CoD, that it becomes a problem.

PhantomT14122498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I must admit as an AC fan, I don't like the way Ubi's taking the Assassin's Creed production to.
But up until now, they've been improving a lot with each iteration and giving massive contents unlike Call of Duty with short SP campaign and a pretty much identical multiplayer.
And Revelations seems to look good too. They have already far more new features announced than MW3: hookblade and its new movements, bomb crafting, Assassin's Den, this customizable animations, alternative gameplay with Desmond's memories, random events...

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Swiggins2498d ago

I'm gonna make mine a quick stab to the crotch, and then when the enemy is keeling over, a snap of the neck.

I'll call it, The Dickless Twist!

Spenok2498d ago

This should be interesting.