Mad Catz announces licensed Gears of War 3 headsets

Mad Catz has revealed a trio of new Tritton audio products for the Xbox 360 branded with the Gears of War 3 logo.

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JellyJelly2529d ago

Looks good. I already have a pair of Steelseries so it's not for me. Also, I believe MadCatz headsets go under the brandname Tritton.

BakedGoods2529d ago

I'll stick with my TBeach PX5's.

JellyJelly2529d ago

Oh, those are nice! I have the Steelseries 5xb and I'm ok with them for now.

I wonder why I got two disagrees for that comment? I'm pretty sure I own a pair of Steelseries 5xb(used them 5 mins ago) and I'm also pretty sure Tritton is the name of MadCatz headsets. lol!

Adexus2529d ago

Sorry JellyJelly, I'm afraid you don't own a pair of Steelseries 5XB and Tritton isn't the name of Madcatz headsets, you're lying!


I've got a pair of Tritton AX720s at the moment and I think they're great, can't fault them, may have to wait and see what the reviews are like for the 7.1 Gears headset, might be worth an upgrade, and they look cool too :P

SwiftShot2529d ago

Pretty nice :D
But ill stick with meh Turtle Beach X11

BioDemon-2528d ago

My lord, those are sexy. If they turn out to be quality this is a purchase for sure.