Are You Saying 'Ninja Gaiden' Correctly?

Today's new pronunciation video from MTV Multiplayer is a threefer, with Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki explaining (in Japanese no less) how you pronounce his name, "Ninja Gaiden" and "Helena" from Dead or Alive 4.

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lynx1halo3635d ago

Im telling all of you again this game is will consume all of your time and frustrate you to no end until you beat it!!! I HAD TO BEAT Ninja Gaiden...PLAYING HOURS ON END. and I will not be sucked into the second

Robeezy3635d ago

I know what you mean. No other game to me has been both incredibly frustrating and fun at the same time. But i will get the second

timmyp533635d ago

Its not gayden its guyden its not tomato its tomatoe.

Loopy3635d ago

No, it's not tomatoe, it's tamato.

Actually, no, it's not tamato, it's tamota.

Hmmm.. no, it's not tamota, it's motamo.

I'm consused too.

Skerj3635d ago

But "Ri" in Japanese is pronounced "Ree" which is what it is D:?

ItsDubC3635d ago

lol, reminds me of how Ryu's name was completely murdered throughout the entire Street Fighter movie w/ Van Damme and Kylie Minogue.

The movie was wack but still.

Ignorant Fanboy3635d ago

But I know its really Guyden, Its just that everybody else thinks Im pronouncing it wrong.

kornbeaner3635d ago

I've been right all these years. But all these years of saying Guy-den I thought I was saying it wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.