Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Official

DP:"Looks like Capcom is deciding to ship a full game this time. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is now official, everyone get hype! Ok enough of that UMVC3 will have an additional 12 new characters, 4 have been revealed so far, Strider Hiryu makes his long awaited return as well as 3 new characters Revealed Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, and Firebrand from the Ghost and Goblin series. "

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Jestrella242341d ago

This is gonna be a amazing game hopefully Capcom gets it right this time.

gamingdroid2341d ago

Glad I didn't buy the original MvC3. I knew Capcom would pull through and release another version!

Tears in my eyes, after getting burnt on SFIV!

KingSlayer2341d ago

Agreed. I knew they would pull this shit. NOW I'll buy.

Sam Fisher2341d ago

if anything, they will make a new one after this probably. i love mvc and sf, but i wont give my money to cap anymore. i switched to the darkside lol. mortal kombat

dericb112341d ago


I'm do not disagree with your comment. I did buy it day one and there is something you will regret in Nov. if you buy it.

You will be completely owned by all the players who have had since March. Waiting sounds good to save a few bucks but this game will be a offline experience because you will be 8 months behind. It's great you will save some money but good luck against the vets because they won't care when you bought it.

gamingdroid2341d ago

True, but reality is that I rarely stick with a game for long periods of time, so even if I had it eons ago it wouldn't have changed much.

That said, I kick @rse in every game so I fear no one! ;)

... alright maybe not, but I got my @ss whopped in SF IV shortly after release too. I don't have the time to get competitive, but I did really good in Gears 3 beta.

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Dragun6192341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Holy shit, it's Strider. And Firebrand looks godlike with those divekicks. Not too excited for Ghost rider or Hawkeye though, but they look solid.

I knew Marvel was push some characters for MvC3 to help build anticipation for the Avengers movie, so maybe Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson will be in UMvC3 too :D

EDI2341d ago

Strider rocks so hard!

Redempteur2341d ago


NOthing else matters

Ghost rider looks alright too

MetalProxy2341d ago

Strider should have been there from the get go. Hes the only character I really wanted. Next is Blackheart and Venom!

redDevil872341d ago

Capcom = trololololololololo

Der_Kommandant2341d ago


I don't think so...

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The story is too old to be commented.