Amazon Discounts PlayStation Plus 1 Year to $39.99


"While Xbox 360 owners have enjoyed discounted Xbox LIVE subscription deals from various retailers over the years, the PlayStation Plus service had yet to enjoy in the discounting. We are happy to report that those who enjoyed the service during the trial period can now add 12 months of service at a decent discount!

Grab 12 months of PlayStation Plus Subscription service for $39.99 (Reg. $49.99) over at Amazon!

PlayStation Plus includes:"

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Raoh2338d ago

sweet, i'm glad i waited to renew, usually you get an extra month or 3 months with your yearly subscription.

I always have a new game to play and the discounts are nice. limbo just came out for psn and its already 20% off for PS+ members.

the online saves are nice too. I usually do a full monthly back up of my ps3 but its nice to back up and restore game saves from the cloud.

FrustratedFury2338d ago

Sounds like a sweet deal to me. I'm picking one up right now.

spektical2338d ago

thats a deal.. hope its still up on aug 8th... wen i get paid lol

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