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Braben: Kinect navigation “far more natural than a left analogue stick”

Developers are still building a “vocabulary” for Kinect controls, David Braben has said in his Develop 2011 keynote – but it has advantages when building a game for a “for an audience who aren’t familiar with a controller.” (David Braben, Kinect, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Xbox 360)

MrSpace  +   1537d ago
"“for an audience who aren’t familiar with a controller"

How long have controlers been around now, please come on, I think mostly everyone knows how to handle a controler now and what it is.
dangert12  +   1537d ago
This guy is a clown i watch then kinect demo and i got fed up of hearing

xbox here
xbox there
xbox up
xbox down
xbox left
does that sound natural to you?
all this fucking talking and you want to switch here and there i don't mind using the analog but a good idea would be to add personal prefered short cuts to the shoulder buttons
NoobSessions  +   1537d ago
I can see where he is coming from however. My father for instance loved playing pacman in the arcades back in his day, but when I showed him Pacman DX he couldn't stand using the xbox controller.

Kinect would be easier to use for a non-gamer than a controller in most cases I would assume.
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IRetrouk  +   1537d ago
not really, the joystick from the old pac man games is very similar to the left stick, how would kinect help on anyway, if anything it would make it more difficult, for non casual games mind.
TotalPS3Fanboy   1537d ago | Trolling | show
SilentNegotiator  +   1537d ago
Yeah, new gamers are WAAAAAY too stupid to handle pushing a control stick forward. Waving their arms and legs around will be MUCH more natural.


JokesOnYou  +   1537d ago
@ MrSpace
"I think mostly everyone knows how to handle a controler now and what it is."

Key word: "familiar", yeah everyone knows what a controller is, however there are still gazillions of folks like my Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunts, Cousins or basicly a large majority of the world who just think the standard 360/ps3 controller is too complicated....and thats exactly who Braben is referring to when he says: “for an audience who aren’t familiar with a controller.”= games like Kinect Sports(over 3mil sold), Dance Central(over 2mil sold), etc, you know games you control without a standard controller, lol if you don't think that appeals to a huge potential market of consumers who like stuff like *Angry Birds but would otherwise not engage in full console type games because they think a 360 controller is too complicated then you're lost. In fact 360 4gb kinect is #1 on Amazon, with Kinect Sports and Dance Central outselling many other recent exclusive games.

Thats not a accident, I've been to the mall quite a few times over the last several weeks, theres a microsoft store there with a big kinect setup outside demoing Dance Central, and other games, I always watch for 5 or 10 minutes, theres always a large crowd with young and old, wanting to try kinect, and I overhear folks talking about wanting to buy and some actually go buy it after playing. I dont know if I'm expressing this right, maybe you just have to be there to see it for yourself but even though those games don't mean much to me, I'm still amazed that micro has actually been able to draw that kind of attention right from under nintendo's nose.
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gamingdroid  +   1537d ago
They have been able to draw that kind of attention from Nintendo, because their system is even simpler than the Wii.

Full body tracking is something you could only dream of in the past and now it is in an affordable packaging for home use.

My mom would never touch the left analog stick to navigate. As Nintendo said, the Wii mote looks like a remote, because it is more familiar. It couldn't get more familiar with no remote!

Many people that recently grew up with technology don't understand that the digital divide actually happens in the home, not just between the poor and the rich. One day, technology will move past us "young" generation too, if we aren't simplifying it.

It's about widening the accessibility and Kinect does that wonderfully.

That said, looking forward to the new dash with complete Kinect integrated.
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metsgaming  +   1537d ago
i usually use the dpad when navigating the xmb much better and then the analog stick.
Kur0  +   1537d ago
My younger cousins prefer controllers for movement and they are only 6.
4Sh0w  +   1537d ago
sigh, same n4g,
OK, So whats your point? Here I'll fix it so your statement makes more sense in context of this article:

"My younger cousins prefer controllers for movement and they are only 6, but I understand what he means because I'm sure UNlike my younger cousins there is a huge demographic of consumers who won't play games because of controllers." -Oh, OK thats what you meant to say, yeah makes sense.

My daughter is 9 and likes using the controllers to play games like SMB on her wii, but she prefers kinect because she plays kinect sports alot more than any of her games, begs for permission to invite her friends over to play it. I'm guessing this guy assumes there are many, many more like my daughter who like the idea of not using a controller. Hell I own tons of hardcore games on both ps3 and 360, exclusive and multiplat, yet I love the occasional play of kinect sports, kinect adventures and watching the wife play Dance Central. I hope to see more games that appeal directly to hardcore fans, but if not thats OK, there will always be games like Gears3 for traditional 360 owners.

Do people ever stop to think that everything a company makes isn't intended to cater to them, you brought a console, it has great (hardcore) games, and just because you personally don't like kinect games doesn't mean its garbage, why not let those people who do like it enjoy it?

Damm, nothing good to say but you keep following a product you dont care for, you guys are just the worst kind of haters.
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gamingdroid  +   1537d ago
I agree with you, not sure why the disagrees but I guess you said something positive about Kinect. That said:

***yet I love the occasional play of kinect sports, kinect adventures and watching the wife play Dance Central***

Not to bring up dirty thoughts (or insult you) in a discussion about children, but I like that! Too bad, I don't have Dance Central.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1537d ago
Of course you don't understand the disgrees, gamingdroid, you're always trying to SELL the Kinect here in the comments section.

"Full body tracking is something you could only dream of in the past and now it is in an affordable packaging for home use"

BILLY MAYES HERE with the xbox Kinect! Full body tracking in an affordable home package! Look at this amazing futuristic technology! It's great for the whole family. Now everyone in the home can enjoy video games!

If spent less time trying to sell the Kinect to people on N4G, you might understand why someone would get disagrees for warping someones comment about controllers being easy for some guy's little cousin to use.
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Veeger  +   1537d ago
Far more natural, far less convenient and accurate. Driving a car is far less natural than running. Now what?
KingSlayer  +   1537d ago
I agree. If the audience isn't familiar with a controller, there are definite benefits to Kinect. That said, there are quite a few young children unfamiliar with a controller that play Wii/360/PS3 games without issue. Hell, even mouse and keyboard.
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wicko  +   1537d ago
Nothing beats a decent directional pad for menu nav (at least on console)
Fez  +   1537d ago
If you aren't 'familiar with a controller' you shouldn't have a games console.
hazelamy  +   1537d ago
is that why so many kinect games are on rails? or offer a limited selection of routes?

correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think there have been any kinect games that let you move wherever you want freely.

please, David, make the new Elite, then you can mess about with kinect.
BeastlyRig  +   1537d ago
In the end console casual gamers will win vs hardcore..
Drekken  +   1537d ago
Waving your arms around is way more natural than slapping your thumb to the left. Way more natural, less time consuming, and more accurate. LOL!!! /s... These devs will say anything to defend their stuff.
IQUITN4G  +   1537d ago
Plenty of us know our way around a controller but it's actually fairly difficult for lots of people not having grown up with it or just starting out

There was a time when the concept was easy enough, when Pacman, Space invaders required little to learn of these games. Controllers with many buttons actually turned a lot of people off that had casually played these earlier simple type controlled games. That's why the more natural concept of waving a wand around is easier to grasp- wii for example has proved how many people want to play games

Truth is, us 'hardcore' are actually a much smaller percentage of the potential real audience out there and i guess that p!sses people off

The guy is definitely not a clown
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WhiteLightning  +   1537d ago
Looks like Roy Cropper from Coronation Street

...Just wanted to point that out

karl  +   1537d ago
i dont understand why this people think that moving your entire body is more practical than just your thumb
4Sh0w  +   1537d ago
Well nobody said its more practical, the point is in some cases its more "intuitive", the same way as wii did for many games, its alot easier for instance to just press a button to swing a tennis raquet, yet alot more intuitive/natural/fun to play by swinging a tennis raquet= more immersive because thats exactly what you would do in a real game of tennis. Using your logic why do we PLAY games anyway, it would be more practical to just hit a button and our on screen charachter performs a series of actions that will navigate us to the next cutscene/save point.
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JohnnyMann420  +   1537d ago
Duhhhh....Me Name is Braben and Me is Stupid....Duhhhh
wenaldy  +   1537d ago
The death of old skool gaming is imminent.. :o
strickers  +   1537d ago
I have plenty of respect for Braben,but that may be the biggest loads of bollocks from an intelligent brit since Molyneux last opened his mouth.

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