Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Marks First Saudi Arabian Development to Target PlayStation 3

Emad Fahad Aldoghaither, the president of Semanoor International commented, “We are thrilled to be introducing Saudi Arabia's first multiplatform video game to the world, we are determined to deliver a next-generation experience that will do justice to the amazing story of Ibn Battuta.”

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MysticStrummer2530d ago

I'm still looking for a publisher to handle my game... Unmapped : Dirk's Treasure. Hopefully I'll hear something soon because the sequel, Amongst Hooligans, is almost finished.

manman62530d ago

I see what u did there

NewMonday2530d ago

it would be really funny if this game doesn't have Arabic dialog or text

toxic-inferno2530d ago

I have an idea for your third game. Call it Unmapped 3: Dirk's Deceiving! You could have deserts and boats and everything!

DarkTower8052530d ago

I want to play it, but don't want to support such a blatant rip off. I'll rent it through Gamefly.

Raendom2530d ago

Mass effect, meet alpha protocol.
Gears of war, meet Quantum Theory.
God of war, meet Dantes inferno.
uncharted, meet unearthed.

Funny thing is they didn't disguise the name like all the other game clones lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.