Persona 5: 10 things we want to see

GB: "Though it is generally considered a cult classic, the Persona series has gone from strength to strength. Though early entries in the series failed to garner much acclaim outside of Japan, it seems that critics of all nations can hardly throw enough praise at Persona 3 and 4. With it's traditional JRPG mechanics unique blend of social sim elements, it's easy to see why the games are so highly praised. Now that Atlus have nearly finished bringing Catherine over to America, their first foray into our current generation of hardware is complete. We can only hope that they will now turn their attention towards Persona 5 but, should they do this, how could they improve upon previous games in the series?"

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Yi-Long2502d ago

... that's the only way I'd buy this great game.

Inception2502d ago

P3 and P4 had great (even though not perfect) english VA. But i don't mind if Atlus give the option for dual language (i'm a sucker for Jpn VA :D)

HelghastKid2502d ago

Did you have a problem with the english dub? i have a hatred for anime that doesnt have the original language. That being said, the Persona games have a great cast for the NA versions. You not buying this "great game" over languages is kind of dumb :/

Yi-Long2502d ago

... but I do have a problem with the original language being dropped.

I at least want the choice to have the original language, be it in a cartoon/anime, be it in a movie, or be it in a game.

HelghastKid2501d ago

Yea good point, i forgot that this is most likely going to be on PS3 which means it will have a ton of space to support original languages. Choices are always good.

femshep2502d ago

i thought persona 3 was perfect one game that made me cry at the end, and persona 4 was awesome as well...i wouldn't want them to change a thing

NewMonday2502d ago

they should re-release Persona 4 on PSN or something, a great game that many missed at the end of the PS2 life.

raWfodog2502d ago

It's a PS2 game so they can't just release it on PSN as is. They would have to code it for PS3, like God of War 1 and 2 and Shadow of Colossus and ICO..

raWfodog2502d ago

I haven't played P4 yet. It's still in the packaging until I finish P3. I'm in October now. And then I have to do "The Answer"...Even though I know that P4 isn't a continuation of P3, I still have to play in order :)

Inception2502d ago

Play it dude. Imho, The Answer can wait but if you really want to see what exactly happen to the MC and the conclusion for Aegis, well...just make it fast :D

femshep2502d ago

yeah the answer isn't all that great to be honest nice plus game but once you finish 3 hop on 4 right away!!!

TheColbertinator2502d ago

I'm getting Persona 5 no matter what console or handheld its on.No matter what issues it has.I trust Atlus to deliver and they always deliver when it comes to Persona.

Tru_Ray2502d ago

I say let the developers make the creative decisions and let the journalists report on their decisions. I trust Atlus over


CrescentFang2502d ago

No one wants Shin Megami Tensei IV? :(
Okay, to be serious:
It's a dungeon crawler, it's suppose to be like that and mid saves would make it easier (if anyone here actual has played a real one before, or at least an old-school one) and if you want to, play it on easy...
The music is what makes it Japanese in the first place... I would think that Atlus's priority would be to make it sell well IN Japan. Overseas sales is probably not a priority...
They're also expecting some huge leap between P4 and P5, which I don't think people should get too high hopes for. Atlus (both as developer and publisher) isn't too huge or rich

HeavenlySnipes2502d ago

them to restrict the player to one persona in PE3. I saw how everyone else was growing with their persona, and it would be nice to be attached to them.

Other than that the game is perfect. I never thought I'd care for having a life sim into an RPG but it worked flawlessly.

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