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IGN: Bastion Review

IGN writes: "Bastion is one of the best downloadable games this year, but I didn't believe it right away. From the first time I saw it, I knew that the game was witty -- as evident from the narrator who literally narrates just about everything you do as you do it -- but Bastion was still just an action role-playing game. I moved through an area with my two weapons, shield, and special attack. No big deal. However, then Bastion started revealing itself to me, and I couldn't stop playing". (Bastion, PC, Xbox 360) 9/10

firemassacre  +   1406d ago
may get this with a pricedrop its really fun.
JokesOnYou  +   1406d ago
Whoa!, Where did this game come from?, first I've even heard of it and now I'm seeing some pretty good reviews, wow this has me excited:

"Still -- and this is the rare occasion I say this about a story -- it didn't matter. Bastion is just too damn good. The graphics are amazing; I can only describe the scenes as a watercolor painting with stained glass influences. The sound immersed me in the game. The narrator is entertaining as he announced what I was doing and why it mattered, but his sultry tones also kept me company. Bastion's a single-player game, but the narrator was my companion through thick and thin. Toss in some fantastic music and sound effects, and Bastion is a blast to experience. However, those are just the accoutrements. Bastion's gameplay is the main event." -IGN

Going to download now. I'll let ya know my opinion in a couple of days.
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JokesOnYou  +   1406d ago
damm, its not available for download until tommorrow.
newleaf  +   1406d ago
Lol says the same guy that said it was bs in another review comment section
NukaCola  +   1406d ago
This game is getting stellar reviews across the board (minus Jim Sterling's childish review, not that anyone can take seriously). I am definitely going to pick this up.
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lashes2ashes  +   1406d ago
i have had my eye on this game for a long time, tomorrow can't come soon enough
ndl1531  +   1405d ago
really bums me out that they didn't release this on psn i would have got it . they are missing out on sales and we are missing out on a great game . they were foolish not to release this on psn and if it stays on 360 then screw you bastards that made it . im hating haha

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