EA Confirms EA Chicago is Closing

A Chicago has gone down for the count. Kotaku can exclusively report that EA is closing the studio effective immediately. Word is that EA is working hard to place many of the 150+ employees at its other studios around the world. What does this mean for the future of the Def Jam fighting franchise and the forthcoming Marvel fighting game? Kotaku is still looking into that, but it sure seems like those games won't be coming anytime soon.

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MK_Red4056d ago

WTH! Nooooo. I hope it's not true. The last Def Jam wasn't great but EA Chicago is that last decent EA studio. It must be big EA's decision to get rid of all the good inside studios and focus on making inhouse crappy ports.

But really, hope it's not true. I really loved the idea of next-gen fighting game with Marvel Superheroes. Even like the PS2/Xbox Marvel Nemesis (Though it was from a different dev).

marinelife94056d ago

Didnt' Chicago also make Fight Night?

Sam Fisher4056d ago

I HATE EA ALL THEYRE GAMES SUX except Mass effect...ARMY OF 2 looks decent until i saw gameplay vid of 2 guys fighting an entire army and NO COVER

Danja4056d ago

MEH who cares...EA is crap..devs for the most part..!!

lil Titan4056d ago

that was the only true divison of ea that really flexed the PS3 muscles (Fight Night Round 3)

Danja4056d ago

I thought that was EA Canada..??...hmm oh well..!!

Ri0tSquad4056d ago

was i could care less.

AllroundGamer4056d ago

yeah it was a disgrace!!! DefJam Fight for NY is my favorite fighting game.

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The story is too old to be commented.