Square Enix create first limited edition 3DS

It looks like Square Enix have beaten everyone to the punch, as news of a limited edition 'heroes of ruin' 3DS hits the web. If only Nintendo had actually released one with OOT.

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yen8882286d ago

Wow that is cool, as it says in the description Nintendo so should have made a OOT one!

Wiiloveit2286d ago

Mhm. I was surprised they didn't.

TomInc2286d ago

I held off buying a 3DS to see if they were going to. I'm not bugged about holding off though.. IMO the line-up for the 3DS is only just heating up now.

Dan_Vivian2286d ago

Just the one?! I'd buy one..

Raendom2286d ago

Clearly square enix had this game planned for iPhone but realised could charge full price if they put it on a nintendo device. 3DS sucks, WiiU sucks, nintendo is out of this industry by 2013.

charmer2286d ago

go square...thats what smart developers sense

Spenok2285d ago

Aww that sucks, you cant just buy it. You have to enter a competition in order to attempt to get it :/