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Square Enix create first limited edition 3DS

It looks like Square Enix have beaten everyone to the punch, as news of a limited edition 'heroes of ruin' 3DS hits the web. If only Nintendo had actually released one with OOT. (3DS, Heroes of Ruin, Square Enix)

yen888  +   1324d ago
Wow that is cool, as it says in the description Nintendo so should have made a OOT one!
Wiiloveit  +   1324d ago
Mhm. I was surprised they didn't.
TomInc  +   1324d ago
I held off buying a 3DS to see if they were going to. I'm not bugged about holding off though.. IMO the line-up for the 3DS is only just heating up now.
Dan_Vivian  +   1324d ago
Just the one?! I'd buy one..
Raendom  +   1324d ago
Clearly square enix had this game planned for iPhone but realised could charge full price if they put it on a nintendo device. 3DS sucks, WiiU sucks, nintendo is out of this industry by 2013.
TheEatingVodka  +   1322d ago
charmer  +   1324d ago
go square...thats what smart developers do....business sense
Spenok  +   1323d ago
Aww that sucks, you cant just buy it. You have to enter a competition in order to attempt to get it :/

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