TGH: Shadows of the Damned Review

TGH Writes: What happens when the great minds Suda51 and Shinji Mikami come together, along with composer Akira Yamaoka? Well this combination happens to spawn a new game called Shadows of the Damned. This Nightmare team created this game as a psychological action thriller with a punk rock edge unlike any other. Does Shadows of the Damned give players that unique, over-the-top enjoyment? Or should this game be forgotten within the ashes of the underworld? Find out in this review of Shadows of the Damned.

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Shield2469d ago

Been playing the hell out of this game and I still haven't had my fill. ;)

lpfisher2469d ago

Buying it this week, hopefully.

ShadyDevil2469d ago

This game is so fun. Love it.

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