PSN Developer Interview: Ibb and Obb

Ben Jones from PSNStores writes: "There’s a chance you won’t have heard of Ibb and Obb. A collaboration of sorts between Dutch studio Sparpweed and developer CodeGlue, the game is a uniquely co-op adventure. While the trailer below shows just how interesting and unique an idea the game presents, we talked to Richard Boeser of Sparpweed in order to gleam more some more information on this rather neat looking game."

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dragonyght2261d ago

glad to see them finally got a publisher....good good( ")

OllieBoy2261d ago

This looks fantastic. And a total mindf**k as well.

pedrami912261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Im also really happy to know that Sony decided to invest 20$ mill for PSN games.

Hopefully, we'll se more unique games like this for the PSN.

blackburn102261d ago

Unique gameplay is always welcome. It looks like one jumps into the water underneath and the other goes on the land above and switch places by passing through the spaces when ever the other needs help.

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