SPOnG Interview: Samurai Warriors Katana - Hisashi Koinuma

Alongside titles such as Bladestorm, one of the games getting attention was Samurai Warriors Katana, a new entry in the series destined for the Nintendo Wii. Taking a brand new, first-person perspective, players use the Wii Remote to slash their swords, aim at the screen; shoot arrows from crossbows and even throw long-range spears to take on all the enemy troops that stand in their way.

Behind closed doors SPOnG was given a special demonstration from producer Hisashi Koinuma, who has also worked on parent series Dynasty Warriors in the past. On face value the game looks like a first-person, on-rails reaction-style offering with a bit of shooting thrown in. However, moving beyond the face and down the torso (value) the differing weapons, multiple missions and additional features (such as horse riding) seemed to give this game a lot more depth.

SPOnG spoke to Koinuma-san after the demo to learn more about the direction of the latest in the feudal series...

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