[RaceSimCentral] NASCAR The Game 2011 DLC Free for PS3, Paid for 360

After months of waiting for what was supposed to be a free update to get the 2011 season, one can only imagine the shock from fans on the Xbox 360 side of the camp. While PlayStation 3 owners will get the 2011 season DLC for free, Xbox 360 users will have to shell out 160 MS Points.

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Emilio_Estevez1806d ago

I think valve had the same problem, they wanted DLC free and MS said no and charged for it....I think it was L4D2, but not positive.

NukaCola1806d ago

L4D DLC was free on PC but expensive on 360. There was a little uproar. I am not going to flip over this. It's not my brand of entertainment regardless if the DLC is free.

paladinaz1806d ago

Its MS... Awful company, pirating Windows should be legal.

OtherWhiteMeat1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

If pirating was legal then it wouldn't be pirating. Not such a big deal,Xbox owners have to cough up two bucks.

PirateThom1806d ago

How is paying for DLC that is free on another platform not a big deal? It's a huge problem.

OtherWhiteMeat1806d ago

The amount is about the same as a bottle of coke and not everyone is going to worry too much over a couple of bucks.Now paying $60.00 a game seems like a much bigger problem and as always DLC is optional.

PirateThom1806d ago

It's not the cost, it's a fact there's a cost where there shouldn't be a cost.

UltimateIdiot9111806d ago

Perhaps, I should charge you for free samples or the free water from the fountain. Everyone else gets it free.

OtherWhiteMeat1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

So at the end of the day Microsoft walks away with a pocket full of cash and Sony empty handed.Right or wrong Microsoft knows how to make money.Usually at the gamers expense.

radphil1806d ago


And that's not an issue to you with them flat out exploiting?

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Mario0071806d ago

I didn't know MS did these kind of things, but thats pretty awful basically you're paying them 2 dollars and not the developers...disgraceful

negroguy1806d ago

Wonder how much it cost to maintain XBL. I know M$ makes some serious cash on it every year which is why I don't understand why they wouldn't let it be free.

DrFUD1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

they wont let it be free because they have all their 360 customers brains in a jar. They cant open the jar or else one brain might get out and try to take another with it because it stinks. At the top of the jar theres a money slot and thats the only way in...there is no out. The 360 customer is a slave.

Insomnia_841806d ago

Well said DrFUD. That's exactly the way I've seen the XBL gamer for a long time.

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