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Dart892344d ago

Umm do i have to play the first one in order to understand the story to this??

rabidpancakeburglar2344d ago

Yes probably, I hope that this will also be the European release date.

FACTUAL evidence2344d ago

We are never going to see FF13vs.....Like I said, just make vs13 ff15...

bakasora2343d ago

There must be reasons why so many people hate FF13. And I'm one of them.

gaffyh2343d ago

Even though FF13 wasn't that great, I still enjoyed playing it, and I'm glad to see that this one is coming pretty soon. But I really really would prefer Versus 13 at this point.

sinncross2344d ago

Presumably yes... its a direct sequel and understanding past events could be pivotal to fully understanding this game.

but then again, you could always look at FF13 as a prequel and play that afterwards if you want.

RedDead2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

You have to read the databook of the first one. Shit game

Also, there will be camoes and stuff that you might not understand and jokes and crap, a prequel really is a prequel and sequel is a sequel. If you want to force your way through it like yeah go ahead.

"it's really simple to follow if you read the datalog".

Tis a game, not a book

Good news anyway, Summer FF versus, take ma word for it

FAGOL2344d ago

Exactly! I have no idea why they couldn't tell the story through gameplay or cutscenes. Most of the time you hear Hope whining or something. My question is why? I know charecter development is important but for god sake get your priorities straight.

After completing the game I went on the FF13 wiki and guess what? They explained the story better than the damn creators. The story itself is quite good but it was just told terribly.

Ddouble2344d ago

I understood most of it without the datalog. The datalog to me is there in case you take a long break from the game. It gets you back up to speed when you load the game up.

Also in the beginning when all the new words like Fal'cie L'cie etc is been used it can get confusing so the datalog is useful in that aspect.

maniacmayhem2344d ago

Good luck understanding the first story.

Redempteur2344d ago

it's not that hard to understand teh story if you pay attention ( something many haven't)

femshep2344d ago

its really simple to follow if you read the datalog

maniacmayhem2344d ago

Well Redempteur, you got me there cause i didn't pay attention. The story was convoluted and a lot of the cut scenes were drawn out and boring.

And no i didnt read the datalogs.

I never had a problem with any of the other FF's except this one. Too boring.

WhiteLightning2344d ago

Why should someone have to read the datalogs to understand the story.

Would a game like Uncharted get all those great reviews if you had to keep looking at a Datalog to understand whats going on.

rabidpancakeburglar2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )


You don't have to look at the data logs to understand it, it actually becomes very clear as the story goes on. The data logs just help with things you may have missed.


I don't think that someone who says that they didn't pay attention has any right to judge a story.


Are you being serious? Nobody said it was a good FF title but I did like it. "convincing every one else with common sense" That's a funny statement.

MrSpace2344d ago

Wow there are a lot of obsessed FF fans on here convincing every one else with common sense that FF13 was a good FF title.

Sorry but it was crap...end of.

karl2344d ago

it wasnt the best FF thats for sure . but it wasnt crap.

many people wont settle for nothing but extraordinary

really annoying

DaTruth2344d ago

It still amazes me how many people enter topics they think are crap and aren't interested in, just to say its crap and they're not interested... or disagree with the genuinely interested, troll and de-bubble them!

I would almost expect every positive comment about a topic to have more agrees, seeing that mostly people interested in the topic should be there, but apparently many spend lots of time reading about stuff they hate!

Mottsy2344d ago

I enjoyed the story. bummer you guys didnt. But if so then why are you checking the release date for the second?? anyways im more then stoked for this.

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Troll-without-Bridge2344d ago

Nope, the team is making the game in a way you dont need to know what happened in the first.

Peaceful_Jelly2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

true that, I read it in an old interview with Toriyama. The game's not a continuation of the first game and beside, the first game was about saving Serah and they did it by killing the Orphan. The sequel is supposed to inquire more into the background story that was hidden in the datalogs of the first game but it still has a main premise which is "find out what happened to Lighting".

Sprud2344d ago

They did say that, but it would have been very stupid from a PR perspective to say otherwise. In any case, it surely doesn't hurt to have played through the first one.

MrSpace2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

"Umm do i have to play the first one in order to understand the story to this?? "


That's why it's really only for the people who liked FF13 and completed it. Don't see why they exaggerated the "improvments" they've done when it's not going to change a thing since most people didn't like or even finish FF13

Troll-without-Bridge2344d ago

Thats not true. you'd know that if you were actually following the development.

FFXIII-2 is based mostly on the Episode 1 novel, which is separated from FFXIII and will release in the west this year.

MoveTheGlow2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Troll is right, although playing FF13 would help:
They also fan-translated the Japanese version of the novella: http://dilly-shilly.blogspo...

There, now we don't have an excuse to ignore important stuff, do we?

showtimefolks2344d ago

that FF 13-2 is coming out in early 2012 and ff13 versus will launch around fall 2012?

hopefully and i hope that ff13-2 has improved upon what dd13 did right and fixed whatever ff13 did wrong

Vortex3D2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Yes but you can download all the FF XIII cutscenes that tell you the entire story anyway.

You can choose to download the English or Japanese voice version. The person who captured the English version has more cutscenes. Japanese version mostly just the pre-rendered cutscenes but there are a lot of in-game cutscenes that are important.

I think it's around 7+ hours long like a season of anime. A few missing cutscenes from the crystal side quests but they don't really add much to the main story.

I like JRPG but one thing that I wish JPRG does better is integrate the battle system with the story. Playing most JPRG games is like the battles appear disconnected from the cutscenes or the battles often like an excuse to turn the anime into a game.

hintonmj2344d ago

You shouldn't have to play the first one to enjoy this game. Square is using the Noel character as the clueless character that needs everything explained to him, so it may actually detract from those who played the first and don't need all it reiterated, but I think this game will be enjoyable to many more people than the first.

Bolts2344d ago

I played the first and I'm still not completely sure WTF happpened.

specialguest2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Just watch one of the many walk-throughs on youtube.

Hozi892344d ago

Hmm, I might play it just to quench my thirst until I get Versus 13.

@Dart, No. You can just watch all the cutscenes on youtube. it will feel like a movie and you'll get the gist of whats going on.

Anderson82344d ago

no they run through a corridor for 20 hours then make it to a field the run through some more corridors.. and they're fugitives thats all the story you need 2 know

Disccordia2344d ago

My advise is play FF13 anyway despite all the negatives here. It's incredibly cheap to pick up now so there's no real excuse. If you don't like it, then you can read the plot synopsis on wikipedia to get you up to speed on the sequel.

MTEC82343d ago

First FF that I didn't want to finish. Repetitive as hell, Fal'cie that L'cie this and it goes on and on and on. Just STFU and tell a proper story, makes me want to play FFX everytime I pop in FF13. FFX was so much better! Not picking this up, don't know enough about VS so can't comment. Just bring on FF15 already.


In a previous article from a few weeks ago, Square Enix said that you didn't need to play the last game to know the story in this one.

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MaideninBlack2344d ago

Good. The sooner they get this out the door the sooner I'll be playing Versus!

Inception2344d ago

Don't forget SE side projects like KH 3D and other shit that make versus development get any longer.

MaideninBlack2344d ago

If KH 3D interfers w/Versus development then I'm flying over there to Japan and slapping those fools.

Mario0072344d ago

Yeah except KH 3D is developed by a team in Osaka and Versus by a team in'd be nice if people got their facts about SE studios right when talking about versus/ff/kh

thugbob2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

@ mario

Isn't Noruma the director of both KH and Versus 13?

Grip2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

yes he is, and the team Behind KH I,II.. will make FFV13 but that does not mean they made every spin off KH Series..

RedDevils2344d ago

same here I'm not bother about this game anyway, I be waiting for VS :)

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Vortex3D2344d ago

So far, everything shown on vs XIII are just hypes. How do you even know vs XIII is going to be any better than XIII?

Capt-FuzzyPants2344d ago

What do you mean " just hypes" gameplay trailers and cinematic trailers are what every single game does. So you can also say everything on elder scrolls and every other game not released yet is just hyping it up

Deadman_Senji2344d ago

How do I even know you're not a moron?

richierich2344d ago

What about the European release date?

FAGOL2344d ago

It's probably 3 days after the US release date as always.

Mystickay862344d ago

Awesome. But yeah, hoping XIII Versus soon.

DigitalRaptor2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

The fact that this comes out before Versus XIII is shocking!

The problem and what I predict will happen is that Versus XIII will not be received as it should be. It deserves as large a marketing campaign as FFXIII received. I know many gamers who don't even know what Versus XIII is, even after 6 years.

That is a problem. Not for me of course, I will be buying that unequivocally awesome game. Square do need to tread very carefully. Right now they only show stuff behind closed doors and slip out limited info now and again. Now, that's because the game is not in a ready state to show much, and they are currently promoting XIII-2, but nearer the time of release they'd better promote the heck out of Versus!

On a side note: I wonder if the 360-only guys who liked XIII will buy a PS3 for Versus because we all know it's going to be all kinds of awesome. There's no denying that!

iWishTifaWasReal2344d ago

i know it makes me cry

a game that didnt really receive postive criticism from the fans is getting a sequel

i just dont get it :| sure some people liked this game but its not the type of "like" where you want to beg Square Enix to make a sequel. -,-

RAmar1012344d ago

il get this pre owned later on, to many titles in the meantime to get