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Submitted by ismejks 1596d ago | news

Final Fantasy XIII-2 NA Release Date Confirmed

Finally an official release date for NA has been revealed, announced by assistant PR Manager of Square Enix on twitter (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Dart89  +   1596d ago
Umm do i have to play the first one in order to understand the story to this??
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1596d ago
Yes probably, I hope that this will also be the European release date.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1596d ago
We are never going to see FF13vs.....Like I said, just make vs13 ff15...
bakasora  +   1595d ago
There must be reasons why so many people hate FF13. And I'm one of them.
gaffyh  +   1595d ago
Even though FF13 wasn't that great, I still enjoyed playing it, and I'm glad to see that this one is coming pretty soon. But I really really would prefer Versus 13 at this point.
sinncross  +   1596d ago
Presumably yes... its a direct sequel and understanding past events could be pivotal to fully understanding this game.

but then again, you could always look at FF13 as a prequel and play that afterwards if you want.
RedDead  +   1596d ago
You have to read the databook of the first one. Shit game

Also, there will be camoes and stuff that you might not understand and jokes and crap, a prequel really is a prequel and sequel is a sequel. If you want to force your way through it like yeah go ahead.

"it's really simple to follow if you read the datalog".

Tis a game, not a book

Good news anyway, Summer FF versus, take ma word for it
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FAGOL  +   1596d ago
Exactly! I have no idea why they couldn't tell the story through gameplay or cutscenes. Most of the time you hear Hope whining or something. My question is why? I know charecter development is important but for god sake get your priorities straight.

After completing the game I went on the FF13 wiki and guess what? They explained the story better than the damn creators. The story itself is quite good but it was just told terribly.
Ddouble  +   1596d ago
I understood most of it without the datalog. The datalog to me is there in case you take a long break from the game. It gets you back up to speed when you load the game up.

Also in the beginning when all the new words like Fal'cie L'cie etc is been used it can get confusing so the datalog is useful in that aspect.
maniacmayhem  +   1596d ago
Good luck understanding the first story.
Redempteur  +   1596d ago
it's not that hard to understand teh story if you pay attention ( something many haven't)
femshep  +   1596d ago
its really simple to follow if you read the datalog
maniacmayhem  +   1596d ago
Well Redempteur, you got me there cause i didn't pay attention. The story was convoluted and a lot of the cut scenes were drawn out and boring.

And no i didnt read the datalogs.

I never had a problem with any of the other FF's except this one. Too boring.
WhiteLightning  +   1596d ago
Why should someone have to read the datalogs to understand the story.

Would a game like Uncharted get all those great reviews if you had to keep looking at a Datalog to understand whats going on.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1596d ago

You don't have to look at the data logs to understand it, it actually becomes very clear as the story goes on. The data logs just help with things you may have missed.


I don't think that someone who says that they didn't pay attention has any right to judge a story.


Are you being serious? Nobody said it was a good FF title but I did like it. "convincing every one else with common sense" That's a funny statement.
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MrSpace  +   1596d ago
Wow there are a lot of obsessed FF fans on here convincing every one else with common sense that FF13 was a good FF title.

Sorry but it was crap...end of.
karl  +   1596d ago
it wasnt the best FF thats for sure . but it wasnt crap.

many people wont settle for nothing but extraordinary

really annoying
DaTruth  +   1595d ago
It still amazes me how many people enter topics they think are crap and aren't interested in, just to say its crap and they're not interested... or disagree with the genuinely interested, troll and de-bubble them!

I would almost expect every positive comment about a topic to have more agrees, seeing that mostly people interested in the topic should be there, but apparently many spend lots of time reading about stuff they hate!
Mottsy  +   1595d ago
I enjoyed the story. bummer you guys didnt. But if so then why are you checking the release date for the second?? anyways im more then stoked for this.
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1596d ago
Nope, the team is making the game in a way you dont need to know what happened in the first.
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1596d ago
true that, I read it in an old interview with Toriyama. The game's not a continuation of the first game and beside, the first game was about saving Serah and they did it by killing the Orphan. The sequel is supposed to inquire more into the background story that was hidden in the datalogs of the first game but it still has a main premise which is "find out what happened to Lighting".
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Sprud  +   1596d ago
They did say that, but it would have been very stupid from a PR perspective to say otherwise. In any case, it surely doesn't hurt to have played through the first one.
MrSpace  +   1596d ago
"Umm do i have to play the first one in order to understand the story to this?? "


That's why it's really only for the people who liked FF13 and completed it. Don't see why they exaggerated the "improvments" they've done when it's not going to change a thing since most people didn't like or even finish FF13
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Troll-without-Bridge  +   1596d ago
Thats not true. you'd know that if you were actually following the development.

FFXIII-2 is based mostly on the Episode 1 novel, which is separated from FFXIII and will release in the west this year.
MoveTheGlow  +   1596d ago
Troll is right, although playing FF13 would help:
They also fan-translated the Japanese version of the novella: http://dilly-shilly.blogspo...

There, now we don't have an excuse to ignore important stuff, do we?
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showtimefolks  +   1596d ago
hopefullt this means
that FF 13-2 is coming out in early 2012 and ff13 versus will launch around fall 2012?

hopefully and i hope that ff13-2 has improved upon what dd13 did right and fixed whatever ff13 did wrong
Vortex3D  +   1596d ago
Yes but you can download all the FF XIII cutscenes that tell you the entire story anyway.

You can choose to download the English or Japanese voice version. The person who captured the English version has more cutscenes. Japanese version mostly just the pre-rendered cutscenes but there are a lot of in-game cutscenes that are important.

I think it's around 7+ hours long like a season of anime. A few missing cutscenes from the crystal side quests but they don't really add much to the main story.

I like JRPG but one thing that I wish JPRG does better is integrate the battle system with the story. Playing most JPRG games is like the battles appear disconnected from the cutscenes or the battles often like an excuse to turn the anime into a game.
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hintonmj  +   1596d ago
You shouldn't have to play the first one to enjoy this game. Square is using the Noel character as the clueless character that needs everything explained to him, so it may actually detract from those who played the first and don't need all it reiterated, but I think this game will be enjoyable to many more people than the first.
Bolts  +   1596d ago
I played the first and I'm still not completely sure WTF happpened.
specialguest  +   1596d ago
@Dart89 - I have a great solution
Just watch one of the many walk-throughs on youtube.
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Hozi89  +   1596d ago
Hmm, I might play it just to quench my thirst until I get Versus 13.

@Dart, No. You can just watch all the cutscenes on youtube. it will feel like a movie and you'll get the gist of whats going on.
Anderson8  +   1595d ago
no they run through a corridor for 20 hours then make it to a field the run through some more corridors.. and they're fugitives thats all the story you need 2 know
Disccordia  +   1595d ago
My advise is play FF13 anyway despite all the negatives here. It's incredibly cheap to pick up now so there's no real excuse. If you don't like it, then you can read the plot synopsis on wikipedia to get you up to speed on the sequel.
MTEC8  +   1595d ago
First FF that I didn't want to finish. Repetitive as hell, Fal'cie that L'cie this and it goes on and on and on. Just STFU and tell a proper story, makes me want to play FFX everytime I pop in FF13. FFX was so much better! Not picking this up, don't know enough about VS so can't comment. Just bring on FF15 already.
HINDERIZATION  +   1595d ago
In a previous article from a few weeks ago, Square Enix said that you didn't need to play the last game to know the story in this one.
MaideninBlack  +   1596d ago
Good. The sooner they get this out the door the sooner I'll be playing Versus!
Inception  +   1596d ago
Don't forget SE side projects like KH 3D and other shit that make versus development get any longer.
MaideninBlack  +   1596d ago
If KH 3D interfers w/Versus development then I'm flying over there to Japan and slapping those fools.
Mario007  +   1596d ago
Yeah except KH 3D is developed by a team in Osaka and Versus by a team in'd be nice if people got their facts about SE studios right when talking about versus/ff/kh
thugbob  +   1596d ago
@ mario

Isn't Noruma the director of both KH and Versus 13?
#2.1.3 (Edited 1596d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
Grip  +   1595d ago
yes he is, and the team Behind KH I,II.. will make FFV13 but that does not mean they made every spin off KH Series..
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RedDevils  +   1595d ago
same here I'm not bother about this game anyway, I be waiting for VS :)
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1596d ago
LOL! So true!
Vortex3D  +   1596d ago
So far, everything shown on vs XIII are just hypes. How do you even know vs XIII is going to be any better than XIII?
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1596d ago
What do you mean " just hypes" gameplay trailers and cinematic trailers are what every single game does. So you can also say everything on elder scrolls and every other game not released yet is just hyping it up
Deadman_Senji  +   1596d ago
How do I even know you're not a moron?
richierich  +   1596d ago
What about the European release date?
FAGOL  +   1596d ago
It's probably 3 days after the US release date as always.
Mystickay86  +   1596d ago
Awesome. But yeah, hoping XIII Versus soon.
DigitalRaptor  +   1596d ago
The fact that this comes out before Versus XIII is shocking!

The problem and what I predict will happen is that Versus XIII will not be received as it should be. It deserves as large a marketing campaign as FFXIII received. I know many gamers who don't even know what Versus XIII is, even after 6 years.

That is a problem. Not for me of course, I will be buying that unequivocally awesome game. Square do need to tread very carefully. Right now they only show stuff behind closed doors and slip out limited info now and again. Now, that's because the game is not in a ready state to show much, and they are currently promoting XIII-2, but nearer the time of release they'd better promote the heck out of Versus!

On a side note: I wonder if the 360-only guys who liked XIII will buy a PS3 for Versus because we all know it's going to be all kinds of awesome. There's no denying that!
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iWishTifaWasReal  +   1596d ago
i know it makes me cry

a game that didnt really receive postive criticism from the fans is getting a sequel

i just dont get it :| sure some people liked this game but its not the type of "like" where you want to beg Square Enix to make a sequel. -,-
RAmar101  +   1596d ago
il get this pre owned later on, to many titles in the meantime to get
CrescentFang  +   1596d ago
Well my cousin and I work out a system where we buy games and borrow etc, but lately I've started collecting games, so it hasn't been working out well. My cousin is probably going to buy this when it comes out (I hope). Ironically I bought XIII the first week and he waited for a discount, and he enjoyed it more than me lol (well he was busy with SATs and what not when it came out).
Argh, I kind of want this, but at the same time I want other games more... damn back log is also huge. I know that Square-Enix is a well stable company and I do feel that Square already has enough money and maybe I should help more smaller publishers I like (Xseed, Atlus, Aksys, NISA, etc...). I need more money.... I guess maybe that's why I've been more happy with some games getting delayed haha
Mario007  +   1596d ago
except SE doesn't have the money since FF 14 tanked...thats why we're getting this game, a lot of people will buy it and it wasn't that costly to make. Still it's going to be great game, I'm sure. These two years will be strong for SE with 13-2, deus ex, tomb raider, hitman, versus, type-0 coming out
Abriael  +   1596d ago
Actually, the fact that SE lost money for a year does not equate to "SE doesn't have the money".

In terms of "having money" Se has no problems at the moment.
thugbob  +   1596d ago
This is great news!!! Although I won't be buying this POS game, it's good that they a have a solid release date because that means that versus 13 will be the main focus now!!! I'm dieing to play versus 13 you don't even know the half of it!
Mario007  +   1596d ago
versus is being worked on all the time, it's not just one team at SE. one team is working on versus, another working on 13-2. the only reason why we don't haver versus info is because SE's PR policy is to hype out one game only, which only makes sense really
DigitalRaptor  +   1596d ago
This is true. The rumours that development on Versus is halted so staff can work on other games are false.

There are separate teams and once XIII-2 goes gold (good luck to whomever buys it :p), I'm sure all the talent from that team will continue to work on Versus, which will in turn speed up the development process and possibly improve quality since there's more talent on board.

@ thugbob - you're not the only one in much anticipation. I can see what Nomura is trying to do with Versus and it reaches far beyond anything XIII or its sequel are doing.
Inception  +   1595d ago
Even versus and other projects had diffrent team, but we knew the only team who had great quality is KH team that making versus. Also, FYI, Nomura is the director of KH 3D anddddd versus. So, even the fact versus and KH 3D had diffrent teams (maybe, but what i read is the same team: SE 1st Production Team), Nomura still got his hands very full so i doubt versus development can finish in 2012 -_-
Abriael  +   1596d ago
"because Versus XIII will be the messiah of console gaming!

.... Even if we know squat about it"

thugbob  +   1596d ago
When did I say it'll be the messiah of gaming? Hell I didn't even mention that it'll be a great game. I'm only stating that I'm looking forward to it.

Hate on...
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Sprud  +   1595d ago

Funny how we have two unreleased games, both JRPGs with Final Fantasy in the name and created by the same company, yet you are somehow convinced one is "POS" while "dying to play" the other.

The mind is a strange thing indeed.
#7.2.2 (Edited 1595d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Inception  +   1595d ago
Yeah i hope versus will be the main focus thugbob. But like you said, Nomura still had other projects like KH 3D (his a director in that game, oh God).
BigDollarZoe954  +   1596d ago
Can't wait still would like to hear some news on versus
newleaf  +   1596d ago
Versus in 2013...just plain sigh
BigDollarZoe954  +   1595d ago
you could be right on that or 20never
Kurisu  +   1596d ago
"Be excited!"

Hmm, I'll try, but I'm just not feeling any 'buzz' for FFXIII-2. When FFXIII was announced I was SO excited!
SquareEnixFan  +   1596d ago
I wish this came out this year but at least I won't have to wait too long in 2012. Hopefully it will release the first week of January.
Lucreto  +   1596d ago
I say it will be released at the end of January as it will take time to print discs after the Christmas rush. It will fill the time until ME3.
Enzo  +   1596d ago
Never played XIII and not interested on this one either. However, I'm highly excited about versus
chunkymuffin020  +   1596d ago
It'd be awesome if it comes out on my birthday :D
christoph203  +   1596d ago
can be people not see square enix is milking the final fantasy franchise to death now, ff13, ff13 2, ff13 versus, ff13 disidia.... why do you pay money for all of this bullshit.. send square enix a message.. don't buy their games.. maybe that way they will be encouraged too make something good
Kurisu  +   1596d ago
Don't forget Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy for Nintendo 3DS!
Ddouble  +   1596d ago
Great news.
I hope 2012 goes like this

XIII-2 for the firt third of the year
Type-0 for the 2nd third of the year
Versus for the last third.

Make it come true SE
Magnus  +   1596d ago
Is it just mean or does it feel like Square has swept FFVS13 under the rug and only release tidbits to excite everyone and build up the hype up about it wich almost has fizzled out now about the game. They release a sequal to FF13 hopefully its better than FFX-2 wich is something to play. But in that time they could have released FFVS13 thats the one I want to play. The sequal to FF13 I'll play but I want VS13.
#17 (Edited 1596d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Darrius Cole  +   1596d ago
I'm glad because, as others have said, the sooner they finish this the sooner I can get versus. In the meantime, I will pray to God that Enix doesn't nerf it like they nerfed FF13.
PS3Freak  +   1596d ago
Awesome, can't wait.

I may have to play through 13 again for a refresher before it comes out.
Djinn  +   1596d ago
MiyagiSPG  +   1596d ago
Can't wait finally! Having a moogle fly next to me is going to be awesome :)!!!
GamerPS360  +   1596d ago
I will buy when it drops to under 20.
Paid $18 for ff13 :)
belac09  +   1596d ago
i cant wait! i loved the first game although i understand why some didnt, i really like the story. the battle system would be my only complaint. im preordering this though, they fixed a lot of issues with the first game in this one, i read anyway.
Deadman_Senji  +   1596d ago
Versus XIII Release Date: December 21st 2012
TheMutator  +   1595d ago
you are wrong , is in December 21, 2758 , near the release date of Duke Nukem Forever 2
BigDollarZoe954  +   1595d ago
no your both wrong 20never lol
Zanarkand  +   1596d ago
Unlike some people I'm going to buy this game at the full price to give my support to Square as a longtime fan of the series... at this moment all i want is for FFvs13 to become a near-perfect game and f'ing show Bioware who's boss around here. After all, that may be the Final Fantasy for this generation of consoles, i mean the PS3...
zackacloud  +   1595d ago
It not a true big deal.

I will buy the game but this time if i just bored in 2 hours i will sell it and this time I won't wait 20 hours like the fuking first XIII .
TheMutator  +   1595d ago
cancel that crap!!!!!
Ethereal  +   1595d ago
Ill be picking this up day one.
kamakaz3md  +   1595d ago
ff sucks
SuperStrokey1123  +   1595d ago
FF sucks now, but back in the day it was epic
HINDERIZATION  +   1595d ago
I want Hironobu Sakaguchi back... ):
#29.1.1 (Edited 1595d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
WooHooAlex  +   1595d ago
Being the big Final Fantasy fan that I am, I feel like I should be excited for this. For some reason, I'm not.
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