WiiMote Vs PlayStation Eye

When the PlayStation Eye was first announced people thought it was just the successor of the EyeToy, as we approach each successive game show Sony released more and more games that are developed exclusively for the PS Eye.

Let's take a quick look at some of these games. Each of these games uses the camera in a different way and let us examine how the Nintendo WiiMote is different than or similar to the PS Eye

Hit the Jump to see the article, it's very detail and very long with image and videos. I won't bother posting the whole thing. A very interesting article.

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Bill Gates4060d ago

PlayStation Eye has way more potential, and that's a fact XBOTS.....ahahahAHHAHHAHHA

Yeah I mentioning to you ROBOTS again even though you have nothing to do with this news post...AHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHA

WilliamRLBaker4060d ago

I didn't know the Wiimote could be used on the 360....

Isn't it insightful that sonyfanboys cannot recognize a true danger? they conceive xbox 360 as their greatest threat...yet the Wii outsells in both units and software 3-4+:1 then the ps3....

TheExodus4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Well, I use SynthEyes for 3D camera tracking on my Mac & there is no way that a single camera attached to anything is going to be able to resolve a 3D coordinate system for the objects in it's view to even begin an attempt to track them. 3D match moving is an extremely tricky process even when reference points & distances are set manually for a scene which is why the movie studios use equipment that costs more than most people's homes.

forum_crawler4060d ago

Very small movements, like the twisting of your wrist, or the speed at which you do the movement.

I agree with Exodus (great band by the way...), real-time 3D movement is a tricky thing to do properly with a camera. While the PS3 has sufficient horsepower to manage the calculations required to keep real-time spatial movement, it does not have enough power to calculate all those complex matrices, and give you the same quality of graphics it does now.

While there is ongoing research on robotic spatial interaction, these technologies are only in the research stage. I don't think Sony would release something that will only work half the time.

The Wii controller on the other hand, does not use ultra fancy electronics, but it does use very complex algorithms to calculate spatial movements, and velocity, but it does it using infrared and accelerometers.

Also, let's not forget the cost. The wii has the PS3 beat in this regard, and that is even before buying the eye toy...

TheExodus4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Even simple movements like marching in place... WiiFit will be able to detect this, but a camera? Imagine watching a person marching in place from the front. The camera would be able to see that the objects "legs" were getting shorter, but wouldn't be able to determine why without 1st assuming the object was a human being. Next the computer would have to guess why the human's legs were getting shorter... are they're knees moving upward & out or staying in place with foot raising behind them?

Camera tracking... messy stuff, but that's what gridded green screen sets & those "ping pong" ball suits are for.

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GIJeff4060d ago

awesome product, and until youve played eye of judgement you just dont know.

beoulve4060d ago

i gonna buy the eyes of thundera.

Siesser4060d ago

Have they finally released those?!

ben8064060d ago

i will wait and see how many more games interact with the ps3 camera before i form an opinion,
eye of judgment looks great but its the only thing out that uses the camera in such a great way at the moment.

Shankle4060d ago

Just a thing - at the end of the article he mentions the idea of a psp2 with accelerometers. Why not just use the sixaxis?

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