Splinter Cell: DA console comparisons

Coverage of the next Splinter Cell game has mostly been focused on the Xbox 360 version. 1up takes a look at the progress on the PS2, Xbox and PC version...

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Anerythristic263527d ago

Splinter Cell DA will not be on the PS3 at all?

TheXgamerLive3527d ago

The ps3 could see it sometime late 2007 but I'd say a Splinter Cell 5 will be in the mix by then.

JPomper3526d ago

Current gen consoles get co-op but not the 360 or PC?

Wow. I don't care if there are "side-options" for multiplayer... that's pretty beat.

uuuunvnv23525d ago

I think you ment if the PS3 is out by then the PS3 MIGHT be in the mix. just wanted to help you out there