With Nintendo's DS Holding The Spotlight Can PSP Make A Comeback?

Sony's Playstation Portable has rocked somewhat on rough water since it was unveiled at E3 2004. It had to fight automatic skepticism from its birth; the immense popularity of the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance long ago solidified Nintendo as the King of the Handheld Market. Similar hardware from Sega, Atari, Nokia and Bandai have all been crushed in the past.

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I Make Stuff Up4058d ago

Really funny.
The PSP is doing very well, thank you.

beoulve4058d ago

i dont see the point, both different market. PSP already made an impact

gololo4058d ago

psp and ds can't be compared...its like comparing the 360/ps3 to the wii...different audiences....and it doesnt need a comeback it has done well all this time, now its doing better

Danja4058d ago

right on..the PSP has done very well considering it's Sony's first handheld..and the PSP actually has a pretty good game library

PS360WII4058d ago

PSP has done well for what it is. Should last for another iteration. Hopefully owners find a happy medium of homebrew and actual game purchases then people can stop looking at that PSP as a failure. Great system but needs less console stuff and more handheld stuff.

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