GotGame: EA Summer Showcase NBA JAM On Fire Edition Interview

Trey Smith, Creative Director of NBA JAM On Fire Edition talks to Blake about the upcoming XBLA/PSN release of the game and its focus on gameplay.

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bruddahmanmatt2467d ago

The guy being interviewed basically admitted that last year's edition was overpriced crap what with the way he sort of threw the different modes under the bus and how he's hyping up the fact that "On Fire" will be selling for only $15.

DistrictMime2467d ago

To be honest, I never saw NBA Jam as 40+ dollar title. The 15 bucks makes sense for those who still haven't tried the game and may want to get into it.

evillizard912467d ago

the interview it self was good. very informative. we already knew what you said since last year. Enter backbreaker and section 8

DistrictMime2468d ago

Can't wait till I get my free set of knives that comes along with that deal.

samurailincoln2467d ago

I hope a new NBA Jam every year doesn't start happening. Maybe every four years or something like that? This doesn't need to be like Madden.