So you want to get into eSports?

Alex from GOML writes: "I decided to compile a list of valuable resources for aspiring competitive gamers in all of the primary titles used for competitive play. If there is a community you’re looking for, or you want to expand yourself to other communities this could be a great resource for you!"

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ATiElite2436d ago

...people in black suits just show up at your house, job, or school and wisk you away to some unknown location and before you know it we are watching perform brilliant Zerg rushes and troop drops.

Oh by the way your family and friends never see you again except when your on TV.

Quagmire2436d ago

I wish I could understand what the hell you were saying...

yamzilla2436d ago

first of all you need to be a pc gamer, console esports are nothing compared to pc

StarWolf2436d ago

so much time wasted practicing that its not worth the reward. trust me