What Review Score Should We Give Metacritic?

How does Metacritic work? How do they decide what video game magazines and websites make their list? A Metacritic listing should be a statement of legitimacy for a video game review outlet, but is that always true? Dennis Scimeca investigates.

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iamnsuperman2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Forgetting the abysmal fanboy user score section which should be removed the problem with metacritic is that some review scores a more weighted than others and it is not averaged. The fact is we as user cannot rate reviews over a period of time which should show as a community which review area actually descent (some are really poor). The creates its own problems of first party games being trolled. I am not really sure why metacritic holds so much wait in the industry. The method of averaging is flawed without any of the reviews being criticised (internal and/or externally) themselves which the are not