IBM announces new video games to teach business skills

Today IBM has announced a new real life video game to help college students and young professionals develop the skills they need to succeed in business. The game is called Innov8 and IBM is offering the game to universities around the world for free.

Previous research has shown that a lot of video game players are learning real world experience through video games. The Innov8 game is a 3D game designed to help bridge the gap between the business folks and the IT nerds (yes, it's all about people skills) and while the game is more simulation than arcade experience it should help people get a better grasp of how things work.

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lynx1halo4058d ago

This could actually work, and benefit People.....or they could just call the game Virtual Office Space ..where it trains you how to properly set up your cubicle...file TPS reports..and daze off pretending like your working