Down with Physics?

Amidst the current influx of unprecedented graphics and physics in today's games, a Columnist makes the case that "realism" subtracts from the fantasy of gaming.

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TruthbeTold3977d ago

Do we need a break from hardcore realism, for the sake of some old fashioned, good ol' fun type games? Better yet, can we get a healthy dose of both?

BrotherNick3977d ago

I like a mix of both, TF2 anyone?

TruthbeTold3977d ago

Not on Super Mario Galaxy it doesn't. It's your best friend. :)

ryinski3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Art direction is the big thing here for achieving "fantasy" visuals. games are getting more advanced all the time and there is nothing wrong with physics or better graphics. The biggest things keeping us from totally getting sucked into the "reality" of the games are lighting and physics/animation. High def is nice but 480i tv shows still look real to me so resolution isnt the problem. If the lighting is perfect in a scene and everything moves naturally it would make a more immersive game if it was mario or gears of war.

Nagthragarthoth3976d ago

Realsim for some Fantasy for others.

sovietsoldier3976d ago

i like it to be as real as it can be when its a war game but if its something else i dosnt need to be.

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