Denis Dyack: No Difference Between PS3 And Xbox 360

Asked about everyones favorite topic on the graphics power of the new consoles, Dyack said, "The 360 and the PS3 are equal in power in my eyes. Maybe the PS3 has more processing power. The 360 has more available memory. It's pretty much a net, net. The public perception of the PS3 was that it was much more powerful. To developers, they look even."

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Rikitatsu4061d ago

who develop exclusively for FPSBOX 360

if ur game looks as good as GT5 or killzone 2 , then i will beleive you

darx4061d ago

You do know that KZ2 is a FPS.

fredy4061d ago

funny that the number 1 selling PS3 game is Resistance:FOM, and now everyone is waiting for COD 4, and UT3, and also KZ 2 but you call the 360 just an FPS box when there is a sheer variety this time around...

What a big "TURD" you are.

The 360 at least have proven games so far, everyone is still waiting on the PS3, a kiddie game got the highest ratings so far on the ps3.

Uh Oh i forgot that new comer, Halo 3 killer HAZE...

FPSbox 360.....Come again

khellendros14061d ago

I'm sure that he's commenting on the fact that the 360's core demographic is FPS fans. The PS3 has great games coming from all genres. It has much more variety. R&C, Uncharted, EOJ, ect..

Anyway, back to the article. The guy could be right but I've heard too many developers saying the opposite. He also said that there is more power in the PS3 it's just harder to untap. The point is that the power is there for anyone whose willing to take the time to unlock it.

neogeo4061d ago

He has the evil smirk of M$ money all over his nerdy mug.

SimmoUK4061d ago


ruibing4061d ago

I really think we won't know until near the end until the end of the console's life when everything is maxed out by exclusive developers.

Let us PS3 owners just start celebrating that developers have finally gotten over the hurdles and learning curve of the PS3. We should have many wonderful years ahead of us.

Real Gambler4060d ago

No wonder he doesn't anything about the PS3... Both consoles still have the same amount of memory. They BOTH have 512Mb of memory. Sure the 360 handle it differently. But as is he saying between the line, if you fill the memory with textures on a 360, you have to compromise somewhere else because the CPU will not have enough memory. And if you crank the CPU memory, then you have less memory for textures. In the end, most games still break down 256-256. And that's even if they have about the same memory, there's so little games running at 1080P native on the 360...

Vito44344060d ago

The PS3 cost more because it is better. Lots of people dogg it cause the PS3 is getting some great games like Assassins Creed, Lynch & Kane, GTA4 and CoD4. I paid more for a Ps3 because I will be getting much more. In life it works that way if your willing to pay more. Everyone else is just sorry not to be getting their monies worth.

Wii60_FTW4060d ago

it's obvious Denis was being generously nice to you and your fellow brain-dead ps3 fanboys. why? because he, like everyone else, knows 360 utterly destroys ps3 in graphical performance and services. period. now go wash your mouth off.

Daishi4060d ago

Vito can't you play all those games on 360 as well. That's like paying for XM radio when all you listen to is local. I'm not dogging you, it's just that your not making a lick of sense. And when it comes down to it, take out the BD and the PS3 would cost the same if not less (given the numoerous price drops) than the 360. Please give reasons why!

godofthunder104060d ago

i've been saying this,the only people that want belive they are about equal in war power are the sony fans,i've even posted another article saying this and they said it was wrong to.
i'm tired of hearing that the 360 is only for fps when it isn't true,they had an article with a graph showing the percentage of every game on the 360 and fps came in 3rd place with 18% so stop saying something with out any proof but here's my proof that he's wrong and just a sony's an article from pc world.

Please Wait...
An independent study found that of the Xbox 360 games available from launch through August, only 17 percent of them are first- and third-person shooters. The report comes amid criticism that Microsoft's console lacks a variety of games.

According to FPS Source, the largest percentage of games found on 360 are action/adventure games with 26 percent share followed by 25 percent being sports games and 17 percent being shooters (11 percent first-person, 6 percent third-person).

Vehicle games accounted for 13 percent share, followed by RPG and party games each with six percent, fighting games with three percent, and real-time strategy and puzzle games with a combined three percent share.

The study is said to include the majority of the Xbox 360 games that have been released (or will be released) through August excluding future titles such as Halo 3. Also excluded were Xbox Live Arcade games.

so you see this is proof not some fanboy just running his mouth.and the people that agree with his article are fanboys to.

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Real gamer 4 life4061d ago

ofcourse he is going to say this, he works for microsoft studios. If you would ask naugthy dog or insomiac they will tell you the opposite. he has no credibility when the come to the ps3 as being the topic.

bluebrad19744061d ago

I suppose that when John Carmack said the ps3 was garbage no one should listen to him either. Or how about the fact that 90% of ps3 multi-plats are inferior to the 360 versions, no one should pay attention that either, right?

Proxy4061d ago

"The truth is the PS3 has more peak performance..." and then explains it's more difficult to program for.

So compairing the 2 facts we have here.
1) PS3 has more "peak performance."
2) PS3 is garbage.

Where does that put the 360? Stupid fanboy.

Now shut up and enjoy your system. IW has given the best experiance possible on both plateforms. More playing, less hating.

dantesparda4060d ago

Why dont you stop being a dumb little b!tch and stop your fanboy bullsh!t. John Carmack did not say that the PS3 is "garbage" as you put it. But in fact he said the opposite of what you said. "It’s not like the PlayStation 3 is a piece of junk or anything"

TruthbeTold4061d ago

How about finding some common ground when it comes to stories like this? This is a great opportunity to not only be very satisfied with your own choice of system, but to give props/show some respect to another. Truly, these games being seen as equal by certain pro's is no threat to either console or it's supporters. Peace?

creeping judas4061d ago

an intelligent post on N4G??? I am amazed. With the fanboy wars going on, I didnt think there was a chance to see a well put comment ever on this web page. Bubbles.

godofthunder104060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

i' agree i've been saying the same thing.they act like they have the mind of a bunch of 9 year old kids fighting over whos daddy could beat up whos daddy,if they knew thatall they are doing is making an a** of themselfs then maybe they will stop.they act as if they are going to get a percentage of the sales but i hate to burst their bubble but they want see a dime as a matter of fact they don't give a damn about my advice to them is stop acting an ass ans start acting like they have at least a little brains and start posting comments like grownups so people could have a good debat and conversation over the systems.the people that just post stuff that isn't even true like the guy saying that most games on the 360 are fps and the ps3 has more of a varity with out any proof but i posted an article with proof saying the opposite but sony fanboys will still disagree saying i'm wrong,so know matter what proof you have if it's something negative about the ps3 they will say it's a advice to them is just enjoy their games and stop acting like a bunch of kids and stop making an a** of themselfs.

TheMART4061d ago

Uhm Guys. It's Silicon Knights. Not owned by Microsoft. They could develop a PS3 game any time they want.

If it was for example Rare saying this, it's something else. But this guy has no need to say this because of anything. Just because he makes a game for the 360?

mesh14061d ago

wait wait DIABLO 2 best rpg eveyr created WAS published by microsoft and is xbox exclusive ...P.S we all know SK have been ddoing there own thing for a while and thus are not biased the mart talks fact ppl listen haha me i suck at explain what im actually thinking but i can deff say 360 AND THE PS3 have the same power but this gen the 360 is getting ebtter games donno why but that just how i see it.

DethWish4061d ago

Diablo 2 was published by Sierra and can't really be called an RPG even IMO, even further from being the best ever

cartman3134061d ago

What...?! Diablo published by MS? What....?! Diablo published by Sierra?
I'm pretty sure Blizzard was the one who did it.

MK_Red4061d ago

You are all wrong. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction was published by Nintendo for orignal NES and later they ported it to Sega Saturn.

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Real gamer 4 life4061d ago

Again this guy has no credibility when in come to the ps3. He has never developed a game for the ps3, and he works exclusively for microsoft game studios. even nintendo will tell you that their system is superior in the technological standpoint over their competitors. you have to try and get somebodys else opinion that tis on the neutural side.

ThaGeNeCySt4061d ago

LOL no they won't... they've stated time and time again that spec wise, they can't compete.

Close_Second4060d ago

...if you have never developed a game for the PS3 than you have no credibility in talking about its abilities. Where does that leave all the PS3 fanboys who have also probably never developed anything on the PS3?

You don't have to have actually done something before you can discuss it. However, I dare say that having expertise in a similar field provides a better starting point for basing an opinion than just someone who has played games.

Boldy4060d ago

A million bubbles for u, unfortunately I can only give ya one. Best "ohh burned" ever!!!