The Lund Report: June 2011 NPD

Jordan Lund continues his popular Lund Report, and analyzes the numbers released - and unreleased - by the NPD.

Excerpt: "We can figure out the PS3 numbers now by engagng in a little bit of math: the Seattle PI link states that 48% of consoles sold in June were 360′s, we know that constitutes 507,000 units. The Wii sold 273,000. In order for the 360 to have 48% of the market, that means 1,056,000 consles were sold in June. Subtracting the 360 and Wii numbers leaves us 276,000 PS3s sold, putting them in 2nd place for the month, just barely squeaking by the Wii with 26.14% of the market compared to the Wii’s 25.85%."

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EVILDEAD3602473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Microsoft had another back to back great June year after Slim came onboard..but no one saw 500k coming. The Kinect factor keeps paying dividends as well.

The funny part is people talk about the decline of the Wii sales like it matters..when you sell [email protected] near 90 million consoles in one gen you can't expect to keep that high clip of sales forever. I always joke that owning a Wii is like owning a microwave..everyone has one.

Glad for LA. Noire..too bad the fallout may mean that there won't be sequel published by Rockstar. Still amazed by NBA 2K11 still in the top 10.


seinfan2473d ago

I must be microwaveless then. lol

Jazz41082473d ago

Same here. I have never wanted a wii as its just too kiddie for me and the controller was a nono as well. I own a 360 and ps3 and have kminect for my family. Tht said I hate kinect as its to kiddie for me and if ms goes that way with its next console they wil have one less console sold from a sujpporter of them this gen.

EVILDEAD3602473d ago

LMAO @ Sein

I hear ya..but there aint a whole of people out there who don't own

Thoreau2473d ago

i do agree with wii microwave analogy, i bought one but don't play it

Thoreau2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

kinect is paying what dividends? what games are u playing on your 360? codbo and kinect ufc training? igood thing sony sales ww are better than the360 because i would retire if 360 became the norm of the world

EVILDEAD3602473d ago

@ Thoreau

What dividends? Pushing 500k in June..let alone sales have been pretty consistent the entire year. Kinect definitely is a big part of it. As for what I'm playing? I'm still finishing LA Noire and bought the DLC pass to finish the new cases.. I bought and love Child of Eden for Kinect and I still haven't opened my Fear 3. Nice troll attempt though..:


Dwalls11712473d ago

Howis this news...ps3 hsa been outselling 360 and wii worldwide since 2011 began... On anothet note I thought psp was dead...well it sprung back to life in 2011 look at psp numbers they beat 3ds worldwide most months.... Why dont we taLk about this

charmer2473d ago

i think the wii is comfortable enough not sure what people some point of time the systems in last place would start selling and wii numbers go down....hence thats why we move on to the wiiu... and if xbox is finally selling well then i guess a new xbox will not be out in 2012 so we nintendo can get the wiiu marketing off right