Infographic - Grand Theft Auto Over The Years

SegmentNext - "Relive every moment of the decade that made Grand Theft Auto what it is today, in this infographic".

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aaabbbccc43242557d ago

how was this approved its a duplicate story

Pintheshadows2557d ago

I don't believe this is how GTA evolved. Why? I'm a creationist. Each game just suddenly appeared out of thin air a week before release.

thesummerofgeorge2557d ago

Pintheshadows - lol! Bubbles... And where else could the GTA series have gotten its stellar moral values from, if not the omnipotent dictator in the sky??? It all makes sense now.

Grip2557d ago

Good Job Rockstar, see when u make games like San Andreas and Vice City u sold more copies. im just sayin

BlmThug2557d ago

Actually Gta IV Was The Second Highest Selling Gta Title Selling Over 20 Million Units And Thats Not Including Digital Copies

NobleRed2557d ago

I've bought most of the gta games. But GTA IV was way to serious and wasn't fun like the previous games.

RayRay362557d ago

Since its the usual summer drought, I bought a PS2, GTA 3, LC Stories, & Vice City. I already have VC Stories & San Andreas. Im going to finally beat the whole GTA 3 canon consecutivly. I figure that should keep me busy till September-ish when Resistance comes out.

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