Road To The IGF: The Wacky Hybrids of Plant Tycoon

Gamasutra talks to Arthur Humphrey of Last Day of Work, developer of Plant Tycoon -- a real-time plant-raising and breeding game that is puzzle, action and simulation title all at once.

Arthur Humphrey says he's been making games since he was a kid on a VIC-20. "All that wasted time playing games instead of meeting girls, and finally I can tell my parents it was all part of my master plan, and my game dev career!" He laughs.

Last Day of Work is his studio, and it's created 4 digital download and boxed retail games so far: Fish Tycoon, Virtual Villagers - A New Home, Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children, and most recently Plant Tycoon. Humphrey says since the games have been "very successful" on casual portals, they could be called casual games.

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