Regenerative Health: Videogame Training Wheels? writes: "In my early days of gaming (1990s) videogame difficulty levels were at a much advanced stage than it is today. Today the videogame industry is more mainstream than it ever has and publishers and developers understand that gaming is no longer a hardcore hobby like it was in the 1980s & 1990s. With this being known, videogames have generally become more simplified to “guide” the casual player through the experience and one of these implementations is that of regenerative health."

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Raf1k12504d ago

I'd like to see health systems go back to the way they once were. When my health went low and I was close to getting killed it actually made me play better than I did with full health.

GameZenith2504d ago

Instead today your health would just magically go back to full after a few seconds....

Dovahkiin2504d ago

I for one like health regen, however it only belongs in certain games.