Shadows of the Damned and Child of Eden flop in US (and you wonder why we can't have nice things)

The gaming community spends a lot of time lamenting the lack of originality and creativity in modern titles, so imagine Gamesradar's collective surprise (and smoldering disdain) when they found out US consumers bought more copies of Duke “....loading...” Nukem Forever than the critically praised lesser-knowns Shadows of the Damned and Child of Eden put together. These are dark, contradictory, days indeed friends.

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zeal0us2685d ago

well advertisement plays a big role.

Yi-Long2685d ago

... I follow 'gaming' pretty closely, yet hardly heard/read/seen anything about Shadows of the Damned, except for lately when it's gotten some pretty good scores.

I did know Child of Eden would be coming out, but all the media-focus had been mostly on the 'Kinect thing', which I have ZERO interest in, and I'm guessing I'm not alone in that.
It wouldn't surprise me if many people don't even know it can also be played with a standard controller.

evrfighter2685d ago


minecraft? sins of a solar empire? terraria? magicka?

ring a bell?

PsycheMax2685d ago

Well, Minecraft / Terraria and Magicka are three titles with a lot of advertising made by users / Steam. Think about all the N4G news about Minecraft when it has started selling. Or think about the Notch's tweet about Terraria, and the news on websites like .
For Magicka, well, Steam sold it for a couple of bucks a week ago: that's marketing.

Child of Eden launched like a "new kinect game".
And Shadow of the Damned... well, nobody even know the game genre, almost.

vega22685d ago

Damn you for mentioning sins of a solar empire. I love that game one of the best space RTS I've ever played. I hear they are doing a new expansion but sadly they haven't given a release date.

zinkabassy2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

@guys above ,.. you are comparing 10-15usd products to 60 dollars retail games,.. that is quite a stretch,.. especially, if they are in prolonged betas and become darlings of the internet, youtube and internet gaming media,..bdw,.. I love those games,..

Yep,.. All is marketing these days,.. It is really sad in a way,..
That we as consumers are that fucking gullible that we are willing to spend money on clearly inferior product because of marketing and psychological manipulation(They have it down to a t),... Hell, sometimes even reviews and scores(not that they should) don't matter, because the spin machine is so efficient,..

Because some really shitty games get away with having as big (if not bigger in some cases multipliers)the budget for advertizing than development costs and they sell incredibly well,..

Sad, sad is state of men.

Son_Lee2685d ago

I thought Shadows of the Damned was pretty bad, in my opinion. But then again, I should have known better since I don't like the whole Grindhouse, slasher film style. I also generally just dislike Suda51.

Bigbangbing2685d ago

So when you dislike a dev you hate his games no matter what?

I never liked Suda's games, but SotD was a nice action ride with a weird atmosphere, sure wasn't perfect, but definitely deserve better than 24k sales number, we might never see a sequel because of this :( .. But it's all EA's fault..

Peaceful_Jelly2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

true that. I didn't like Killer 7 one bit and No More Heroes was pretty stupid... His games are always very stylistic and cool but the gameplay is fail.

Son_Lee2684d ago

Exactly. His style is pretty damn awesome, but it lacks substance. Shinji Mikami helped with that here, but I felt it wasn't enough. Not a terrible game by any stretch, but it lacked that *it* that would have made it memorable and just overall fun to play. That was the thing. To ME, it wasn't any fun to play. Although I did enjoy the 2D side-scroller parts.

Venox20082685d ago

maybe a price drop will help? because i love those two titles...

nopunctuation2685d ago

I only started hearing about this game when these sales articles came up. Maybe advertise a little better next time. These games dont sell on thier own. Duke was able to sell because of endless ads on comedy central and spike TV (i swear there must have been 10 commercials a day for a while). Most people outside of the internet (and that is a lot of people) dont rely on meta to buy games. You need to put your game out there through ads or good ol fashioned controversey.

Kran2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

The thing is, so many publishers rely on expos (like E3, Eurogamer, PAX) and events in order to sell a game to a person. Those events only get a couple thousand people interested.

You need to actually advertise the game in order for it to sell well! Something a lot of publishers fail to do ¬¬

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