BRINK - Personally not all that bad

BRINK most definitely was somewhat of a disappointment. What ended up being was a generic, bland experience. That's not to say the game isn't enjoyable.

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ATiElite2558d ago

but collectively it's outright HORRIBLE!

if you watched the CGI commercial and got SUCKERED into buying should issue a lawsuit!

LE-FISH2558d ago

Putting aside the numerous of annoyances and generally a rather buggy game, the core gameplay experience is enjoyable to an extent.

I purchased BRINK for a mere £4.98... was worth a punt lol

zeal0us2560d ago

the game should of been delayed and release in September/October.

some of the things in game don't make any sense
-nade explosions
-no character development
-some of the textures is pretty poor.

have the multiplayer been fix? I gave the game away after highly being disappointed.

LE-FISH2560d ago

I agree to what both of you say.

Still, playing WITHOUT bots and with actual people is the way to go. Numerous of patches have come out on Steam... some things were fixed.